Will my personal auto policy provide coverage if I use my vehicle for business purposes?

Using your personnel vehicle for your business or work can cause complications when it comes to your car insurance policy in West Hartford, CT. Since many insurers will not cover your car when it is being used for business, it is possible that you may face financial challenges if you get into an accident.

Personal Auto Policies

A basic auto policy that you may purchase for your car will usually only apply to individual usage outside work. For example, it applies when you are purchasing groceries or going on a trip with your family.

Unfortunately, many insurers do not offer coverage when you are using the car for your job unless you purchase additional protection. The reason is related to the liability associated with a company instead of an individual. A company may face more liability factors than an individual.

Amount of Driving

Although most insurers will not cover your vehicle when it is used for work, the amount of driving that you do related to your work and company needs may also impact your options. If your car is occasionally used during your normal work hours, then it may be covered by some insurers. The key is identifying when it is covered and when your insurer may require that you purchase additional protection.

Some insurers may offer protection for your car in certain situations, but only when you are not regularly driving the vehicle for work.

Car insurance does not always apply to your vehicle when you are driving it for work. Recognizing when you may need additional protection can ensure that you have the coverage when you are using the vehicle for work. Contact us to speak to an agent to learn more about your options.