Home Insurance for a Vacation Home or a Second Home

When buying a second home or a vacation home, there are special considerations for insuring a home that is not your full-time residence. Discuss the insurance needs with your agent at ALLConnecticut Insurance serving West Hartford, CT and the surrounding areas.

Here are some of the considerations to talk with your agent about:

  • Review Existing Home Insurance: When making a decision about covering a new piece of property with insurance, it is a good time to review the existing coverage for your primary residence to make sure it is adequate. In some cases, adding a second home to an existing policy may be possible or you may need a new policy for the new home. Ask your agent to be sure.
  • Different Needs for Renting a Home: If the second home will be rented out to others for some part of the year, then the insurance requirements are different. Ask your agent for recommendations about replacement cost insurance and for coverage of the loss of rental income, while the home is being repaired, if the home is damaged. Renting out a home is a commercial activity and your agent can also give recommendations about additional liability coverage and suggestions about an umbrella insurance policy for the extra risks of having renters use the property.
  • Special Risks: Depending on where the second home is located, it may be wise to consider having hurricane, flood, and/or earthquake insurance for extra protection against potential natural disasters.

Getting insurance for a second home differs from insurance coverage for a primary residence because the second home will either be left vacant for part of the time or rented out to others. For these reasons, a second home is considered a riskier property to insure than a primary residence. Contact your agent at ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT to get a quote for adequate insurance coverage for a second home or a vacation home.

3 Tips for Landscaping Your Home

To make sure your home in West Hartford, CT maintains its value, it is pertinent that you take care of it, and this applies to both the interior and exterior. The better maintained your home’s exterior is, the more curb appeal it will have, which will be profitable if you ever decide to sell it. Here is a quick look at three tips for landscaping your home. 

Rolling Terrain

Rolling landscape adds a certain amount of charm to any home’s landscape, but slopes in the yard can make it tedious to evenly water and can also make certain parts of the lawn prone to erosion. One way homeowners can address this problem is by leveling the terrain with limestone or granite retaining walls; this can prove to be a good solution to help produce a beautiful windbreaker and help control water flow.

Create Shade

Shrubs and trees placed around a home can create a beautiful landscape along with other benefits, like conserving energy. In fact, trees and shrubs can save energy by lowering temperatures in the home by as much as nine degrees. Taller shade trees, like cedar elms and red maples, have been known to save on cooling costs up to 30%. Shrubs do their part in saving energy by shading windows and exterior walls. Three of the best shrubs to plant to help conserve energy is Cenizo, Texas sage, and Esperanza.

Year-Round Appeal

There are many ways to make your home’s landscape look in tip-top condition all year long. Evergreen shrubs are a good option because they retain their needles, providing both color and cover year round. And to give the home a more inviting appearance, you’ll want to add evergreen plants around the front corners of the house.

It’s Time to Talk

If you would like to learn about protecting the interior and exterior of your home with insurance, please contact ALLConnecticut Insurance today serving the West Hartford, CT area. 

Insuring your property while moving

Moving is stressful, even if it is also exciting. In some ways moving a few blocks away can be even more stressful than moving across the country. While moving you need to protect your property as there is a good bit of exposure during this process.  While the property may be in your auto, it may be your home insurance that actually covers your property.

It is a good idea to call the professionals at All Connecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT to make sure you are covered. Generally, your property is covered under a homeowners policy, but you may need a special policy. Some moving companies have insurance, but there may be some things you are moving, and for those items, you need to make sure it is covered by your insurance agent.

For instance, if you have your camera in your car while you are moving, and it gets stolen along the way, it could be covered under your homeowner’s policy. It is best to make sure before you start the move just to be sure.

A move that is only a few blocks, or across town, maybe one that you make yourself. This is a good idea but it will expose your property even more to possible damage or theft.

Contact the professionals at All Connecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT, to make sure you have the coverage you need.  Existing clients should contact us before making a move to update your policy New customers might consider making sure they are covered by adding the property coverage to their home insurance policy.  Just ask your agent if you are covered, and find out if a rider or extra agreement is required so you can take a little stress out of making a move.

Importance of Buying Home Insurance

When homeowner insurance comes to your mind, you probably have some advantage in mind. Homeowners insurance is not mandatory in most states, but it can be termed as a necessity. It is an aspect that homeowners should not ignore. ALLConnecticut Insurance offers individuals who wish to purchase home insurance in West Hartford, CT with great coverage which comes with the following primary benefits.

Protection of investment

The most significant advantage of home insurance coverage is that you will never have to worry about any misfortunes happening to your home and not being in a position to fix it. Although home insurance does not cater for all incidences, it makes a big difference in the protection of your home which is a form of investment.

Backs up the level of stress you have to deal with

You will feel much better having in mind that you have a top-notch home insurance. This way you are assured that you are protected from all types of damage expense. With comprehensive coverage, you will be protected from incidences such as theft, storm, smoke and fire, vandalism and other hazards.

Protecting your visitors

Once a visitor steps on your compound, you are held liable for anything that happens to them. If one slips and falls while at your home, you will be responsible for medical bills if the individual is injured, you may also be required to pay the legal fee if the wounded decides to sue you.

Assists in temporary living expenses

In an event where your home is going through a renovation, and it is inhabitable, you will need to look for a place to spend some time. Home insurance pays for accommodation expenses plus other costs like hotel and food fees.

Having a home insurance ensures that you are prepared for whatever disaster you may face in your home. Ensure to be aware of the type of coverage you want for your home protection depending on your specific needs. At ALLConnecticut Insurance, we can assist you to decide on which policy to buy and help you learn more about home insurance. If you are in West Hartford, CT seeking to purchase home insurance, do not hesitate to turn to us for assistance.

What is Home Depreciation?

When you purchase a home, you know the value of it at that time but did you know that your home can depreciate in value? Home depreciation is what this is called and it happens over time. According to ALLConnecticut Insurance, this is an important component in getting the right insurance quote and ensuring you are not paying too much for your policy in West Hartford, CT.

How Does Depreciation Occur?

Over time, the value of your home will lessen. This happens when things break in your home, things become older, and more. It has less to do with the economy than many might think but that does not mean it does not play a role. If you do not repair or replace things that break, then the value of the home overall will lessen but even as thing age, your home value will go down. There is not much you can do about that unless you make repairs and renovations inside your home.

How to Determine Value

It is difficult to determine any depreciation or the new value of your home unless you have someone come out and take a look at it. However, you do not want to have someone come out to determine value if you are doing so just to lower your insurance premium because you could get yourself in a hole with repair value. You should have an assessor or appraiser from your insurance company come out so they can make sure you get the right amount of coverage based on value. 

Now that you understand how important home depreciation is, you can have an assessor come out to your property to take a look. For more information about home depreciation or to schedule an assessor, be sure to reach out to ALLConnecticut Insurance serving West Hartford, CT.

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

If you fail to properly maintain your home and property, your home insurance may have reason to deny home insurance claims you make. As such, it is extremely important that you properly maintain your home and property. Here are a few home maintenance tips that should be done in the spring to help you with your home maintenance.

Have Your Roof Inspected and Repaired

Once the snow has thawed away and the roof is no longer slick, it is important that you have your roof inspected. If there is anything wrong with the roof, repairs should be made. This helps to prevent leaks from the roof from occurring and causing damage within your home.

Have Your Trees Trimmed

Trees need to be properly trimmed after the wet and cold winters. Trimming trees helps to remove dead growth. Damaged or diseased trees and limbs can fall off suddenly and unexpectedly, causing damage to people and property. Properly maintaining your trees helps to prevent this issue.

Repair Damaged Concrete and Asphalt

Lastly, the winter can be rough on your concrete and asphalt surfaces. It can cause cracks or holes that people can trip on or that can continue to grow. Once the ground has thawed out, repair any damage to your concrete and asphalt surfaces, such as your foundation, patios, walkways and driveway.

Maintaining your home is an important aspect of your home insurance policy. If you would like to learn more about home insurance policies or are in the market for a new one, give ALLConnecticut Insurance, serving the greater West Hartford, CT area, a call today. We can answer any questions you have or help you price out a new policy.

Are Your Fireplaces and Wood Stoves Covered?

New England winters are like no others. They are long, bitter cold and tremendously costly. That’s why many homeowners turn to wood stoves and fireplaces to offset energy bills. But installing a wood stove or activating a fireplace must be done correctly. If not, you could be vulnerable of having a claim denied. At ALLConnecticut Insurance, our professionals are committed to helping members of the West Hartford, CT community stay properly insured. Please consider these things about open flame that might put you at risk.

Wood Stoves

Wood burning stoves are wonderful ways to heat a home and lower energy bills. You can even cook a few meals on them. Many Connecticut homes already have viable chimneys in place to tap into. However, national and state fire code regulations must be followed. To ensure that your policy will cover a loss due to fire, a wood stove may need to be inspected and approved. You’ll need to follow up with your insurance professional to make sure your carrier knows about the installation.


It’s fairly common for people to purchase a home with an inactive fireplace. But considering it’s there, why not get it up and running? Few things are as appealing as warm cozy nights in front of the fire. But like wood stoves, a fireplace needs to meet strict fire and building code regulations. You’ll need to have an activated one inspected and update your homeowners policy as well. Insurance companies base premiums on potential risk of loss factors. Open flame can significantly change those calculations.

It’s important to update a policy any time you make noteworthy alterations and upgrades to your property. At ALLConnecticut Insurance, we are available to help members of the West Hartford, CT revise and renew homeowners policies that ensure continuous coverage.

A Quick Guide to West Hartford Home Insurance

The homes of West Hartford, CT are definitely worth protecting, and home insurance can be a key factor in keeping them in great condition. ALLConnecticut Insurance wants you to find out more about how it can help you be a better property owner with this quick guide. 

Protecting Your Investment 

Working to afford a piece of property can take years, and practically everything you have. Risking your investment by buying the bare amount of coverage really shouldn’t be an option. When you look at home insurance as a means to take care of your long-term future, it can make the cost of your monthly premium much easier to bear. 

Protecting Your Family 

If something happens to your house and you’re unable to live there anymore, do you know exactly where you would go? Home insurance can give you a plan to handle practically any adverse consequences of weather or unexpected events, and give you the means to take care of the many miscellaneous matters that may arise along the way. 

Protecting Your Neighborhood 

Homes that are given the attention they need are homes that sell well on the market. They’re also homes that don’t tend to attract as much attention from criminals. If a broken window only stays broken for a day, they’ll know that people are both watching and interested in what’s happening on the street, making them much less likely to take a risk on your block. 

ALLConnecticut Insurance serves West Hartford, CT, and wants to help you get a handle on the right policy for you. If you think you need more coverage or are just shopping around for different rates, call us today to get a quote or to ask us any questions you may have about your property. 

Why Home Insurance Might Go Up

When you live in West Hartford, CT, it’s important to know what goes into your home insurance premiums. The last thing you want to do is spend more than what’s necessary. Unfortunately, premiums do go up from time to time. However, our goal at ALLConnecticut Insurance is to help keep premiums affordable throughout the year.

Changes to the Home

Throughout the time you live in your home, you may make changes periodically. For example, you may decide to add in in-ground pool. While this provides value to your home, it also as potential liability, which means that it may cost you more on your home insurance policy. The same goes for anything else that will add value for potential liability, such as a shed, detached garage, or various other structures.

Changes in Regulations

The Connecticut Insurance Department is in charge of regulating all of the insurance that takes place throughout the state. This includes identifying what can be charged to consumers as well as the laws and regulations that insurance companies have to operate within. Occasionally, there are regulations that could cause home insurance to go up, which means that it would go up across the board, regardless of which company you work with.


Unfortunately, things happen throughout life. There may be a storm, a break-in, a fire, or something else that would require you to file a home insurance claim in West Hartford, CT. When this happens, it may be inevitable that the insurance company raises your rates. This is because they now need to make up for the claim and will charge you more financially. As for how much your premium will go up, it is typically dependent upon how much the company had to pay out for your last claim.

Learn more about home insurance and how to keep premiums affordable by contacting an independent insurance agent at ALLConnecticut Insurance today.



Discover the Benefits of a Good Home Insurance Policy

When you purchase a home in West Hartford, CT, you want to make sure your investment is protected. Your home is the biggest investment you’ll ever make, and if you have to pay to repair damages to your home, it could be devastating financially. This means you need to ensure that you and your home are protected with a good home insurance policy. Here’s a look at a few of the benefits you can enjoy when you have a quality homeowner’s insurance policy in place.

Benefit #1 – Protection for Interior Damage – Unfortunately, accidents and disasters happen indoors and can cause serious interior damage to your home. You could deal with water damage from frozen pipes or you may end up dealing with interior damage due to a robbery. While policies can vary, most will cover many types of damage to the interior of your home.

Benefit #2 – Coverage for Exterior Damage – Acts of nature, such as wind, lightning, and hail can all result in devastating damage to the exterior of your home. Repairs could cost you thousands of dollars if you don’t have good homeowner’s insurance. However, depending on your policy, many types of exterior damage will be covered.

Benefit #3 – Personal Property is Protected – Coverage varies, but a good home insurance policy often covers personal property within your home. Personal property includes jewelry, furniture, clothing, computer equipment, and more. If these items are damaged or stolen, your policy may cover their replacement or repair.

Of course, while a good home insurance policy offers many benefits, it’s important to understand that these policies have exclusions as well. It’s important to find out what exactly is covered by a policy before you make a purchase. If you want to learn more about homeowner’s insurance or you’re ready to purchase a new policy, contact ALLConnecticut Insurance today.