Car Gifting: Not as Easy as in the Commercial

In the commercial, a spouse or child walks outside on Christmas morning to find their dream car wrapped in a beautiful gift ribbon which makes the gift apparent. As much as anyone would love to receive such a gift, and as heart-warming of a story falls behind it, there’s actually a little more to the story. The car has to be registered and insured.

Giving a Car as a Gift

A car is a great gift for a spouse, children, or even a close friend. Unfortunately, there is more to a car than with typical gifts. Ownership is registered according to the licensed driver, taxes are due annually, inspections have to be conducted and perhaps most importantly, insurance has to be maintained in order to keep the car on the road. A car is an ongoing expense and the ability to maintain said expense by the recipient must be considered before purchase. Part of any good gift is the thought and consideration behind it.


A car requires paperwork, and the paperwork has to be passed along to the recipient of the gift in order to keep the gift. There are further expenses after the initial purchase price of a car, namely, maintenance, continued registration and inspection fees, and insurance. It’s important for the giver to assure the recipient can maintain those expenses and keep the car.


Insurance is an expense every car owner has to pay. Some policies are less expensive and others offer better coverage, so check with the gift recipient and ALLConnecticut Insurance about how best to cover the insurance needs of a gift before making a new car available to someone you love.

How To Provide Aid At A Car Crash

When you witness a car crash, it is a good idea to stop and see how you can help. There’s a lot you can do. Just as you would want others to stop for you, it can be you to do the good deed. Simply calling for help can make a big difference.

Before you start acting like a hero, get on the phone and call 911. This will ensure that the police know that there is an accident. Help will then be dispatched in order to help all of the victims.

The 911 operator is likely going to tell you what needs to be done. They may even stay on the phone with you as you go from car to car, checking on the victims. You will want to find out:

  • How many people are in each car
  • How critical each person is
  • Are they able to get out of the car on their own
  • Are the doors able to open

The more you can provide to the 911 operator, the better it is as they will know how much help to send as well as what supplies are needed. If you tell the operator that there are people in critical condition, they may send a chopper in addition to an ambulance – and that may be enough to save the lives of some of the people involved.

After help arrives, you can provide a statement to the police. Detailed information is what they are looking for. Once this is done, you can leave the scene, knowing you have done what you could.

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