Spring Clean Your Home With Recycling

Spring is the perfect time for you to clean up your home, ditch the winter junk and just freshen up the entire home. However, it doesn’t mean you should just toss everything into the trash. There are plenty of items you can recycle. So, while you clean your home, make sure to recycle what you cat. At AllConnecticut Insurance, we not only want your home to be beautiful, but we want to beautify all of West Hartford, CT. 

Old Electronics

Old electronics often are tossed in the trash. From bulky computer monitors to cell phones and random pieces of equipment, you probably just want these items out of the house. However, electronics cause more problems in local landfills than almost anything else. With the chemicals leaking out to the plastics sitting around for tens of thousands of years, you want to avoid placing these in the trash. Your local electronics store will offer recycling programs to help rid these objects. 

Toilet Paper Rolls

These are actually some of the most obvious items to recycle, yet are also some of the most often missed. After all, toilet paper rolls, paper towel rolls and other such rolls are made out of cardboard and can easily be tossed into the recycling. So, while going through the house cleaning everything up with the paper towel, make sure to add those rolls into the recycling. 

Plastic Shopping Bags

Many countries are no longer offering plastic shopping bags due to the amount of plastic used. It is best to save these plastic bags after individual shopping trips and then bring the bags back to the store. Most grocery stores have bins for returning plastic bags. Also, consider picking up a reusable shopping bag for future visits to the stores. 

5 Tips For Conserving the Gas in Your Vehicle

Every automobile owner is aware of the many expenses involved in owning a vehicle. Many expenses can’t be controlled, but there are some that can. Gas is one of these expenses that can be controlled, and here is a list of 5 ways to conserve gas, which can save you money:

Go the speed limit

By adhering to the speed limit, regardless if you’re driving around town or on the highway, you can conserve your gas. You won’t have to worry about being pulled over by law enforcement, and you can simultaneously conserve gas.

Check your tires

Ensuring that you have adequate tire pressure at all times is another important way to conserve gas. If you drive with tires that have even slightly less than normal levels of air, your gas will be used up much more quickly.

Keep your air filter clean

If your air filter is dirty, then adequate levels of air flow can’t be achieved, resulting in your vehicle working harder. When it works harder, it’s also using more fuel in the process.

Don’t waste fuel

If you’re in the car waiting for someone who is running errands, turning off the engine until they return is a good idea. Also, limiting the morning warming time to under one minute can conserve gas.

Use the correct oil

If you use motor oil that isn’t appropriate for your vehicle, not only can it cause your car to function less than optimally, but it can also result in your car working harder, causing your fuel to disappear quickly.

There are many other ways to save on the maintenance of your vehicle, including shopping around for insurance. You can contact AllConnecticut Insurance to obtain a quote, which could possibly save you more than you ever thought possible.