Services offered by an Independent agent in West Hartford, CT.

In recent years, the internet has exploded and nearly every insurance provider allows you to purchase insurance online, so why would you need to use an agent? Actually, an independent agent can be one of the best ways to purchase the insurance you need to protect yourself and your finances. Learn more about services offered by an independent agent and you will quickly see why you should work with an agent instead of going at it alone.

  • An agent has all the information on file about you, your family and your home. He or she understands the big picture more than an account representative at an insurance company.

  • An independent agent has access to the insurance options from a number of companies so we can help you find the perfect coverage for you–no matter what company sells it.

  • An agent stays in the loop as far as what is happening in the world of insurance. This means we know the latest laws and options before the information trickles down to the general population.

  • An agent has access to all types of insurance. Whether you need to protect your vehicle with auto insurance, protect your home with homeowners coverage or some other types of coverage–your agent can help.

Now that you understand the benefits of working with an independent agent, you should make an appointment to discuss your concerns. Talking to one of our experts can help you make the best choice in insurance for your family–including car, home and life insurance. If you are located in or around West Hartford, Connecticut, call or contact us and let one of our expert agents help you find the perfect insurance solution for you and your family.

Commercial insurance for Pubs/Hotels/Cafe Bars in West Hartford, CT.

Commercial insurance for pubs, hotels, cafe bars and restaurants in West Hartford, Connecticut, is somewhat different than other business insurance. While pubs, hotels, cafe bars and restaurants are very diverse businesses, they all have hospitality customers, serve food and drinks.

If you need to insure one of these businesses, ask your West Hartford, Connecticut independent agent for advice and direction. Often, you can also get online quotes from multiple insurance companies to help you compare coverage and costs properly.

Your commercial insurance policy should cover you thoroughly for liability, including paying for the defense of any customer lawsuits arising from those injured while dining or otherwise enjoying your business. If you own a sports bar or a brew pub, you must have your independent agent recommend liability coverage sufficient to protect your business if one of your customers has a chargeable accident after leaving your establishment and your business is named in a possible lawsuit.

You’ll need Workers’ Compensation Insurance to supplement your commercial policy, but you might want to consider a prep food rider or endorsement to protect you from injuries your staff may incur while preparing food. Once again, get professional advice from your independent agent about the best combination of Workers’ Compensation and commercial insurance coverage to protect your business assets.

Typically, a combination of public, personal and liquor liability insurance is the best protection for you. Hospitality industry business owners can use this commercial insurance to protect themselves for all eventualities, however remote. If you sell alcohol at your location, ask your independent agent about the cost and protection you’ll receive by adding liquor liability protection to your commercial insurance policy.

Your independent agent,concerned with protecting your interests, will advise you about protecting your company sufficiently. Getting online quotes will help you make the best decisions for your business.

In West Hartford, CT, Can I choose to buy insurance for only the building and not the contents?

When it comes to an insurance policy for a home there are things that you can choose to have and there are things that you cannot change. For one thing the dwelling amount is set based on information provided by you to the agent. But there are some things that you do have a choice in what is on the policy when you buy it.

What You Can Have on a Policy and Things that are Preset

  • On your home insurance the personal contents part is a percentage of the dwelling amount. When it is set there is level that it cannot fall below. In some cases the amount can be raised.
  • You can enhance your policy by adding endorsements such as earthquake coverage and wind damage in order to protect your home better. Endorsements are provided to people that need to enhance their home policy in order to better protect themselves from financial disaster. If you need to have one on your policy, then contact your agent today.
  • The type of policy that can limit contents coverage is a landlord policy. This kind of policy in West Hartford, Connecticut is used by an owner of a rental property.
  • Another type of policy that you might be able to get and limit personal property is a basic fire policy. Here the property is only covered for basic perils such as fire.

Your home insurance building policy should be designed to protect your personal investments and your personal property. In the insurance world you do have options as to what you can protect. If you have questions about your policy, then you need to contact your independent agent today. We can help set you up with a policy that is right for your insurance needs.

Are Lost Wages Due to an Accident in West Hartford, CT Covered Under My Auto Insurance Policy?

Being involved in a car accident can not only damage your vehicle and limit your transportation, but it may also limit your ability to work. Perhaps the accident left you injured and unable to return to work for a few days. You may have been dealing with a long-term absence, due to a significant injury. In other cases, the auto accident may have left you unable to work for an extended period of time, or perhaps even ever being able to work as you did. When this happens, insurance may be able to help.

Does Your Policy Provide This Coverage?

Not all types of auto insurance provides loss of wages as a type of coverage. The only way to know if the policy will do so is to read through the documentation. In many cases, a covered incident may provide some leverage for loss of wages payouts. However, there are many factors affecting this decision.

In West Hartford, Connecticut and the surrounding area, it is possible an accident (whether caused by you or someone else) may pay for the time you lost at work. If it does, the policy will state how much of your wages are considered covered, what length of time is required, and what limits are in place.

Not Covered?

If you do not have a car policy that provides this type of protection, it may be time to look for a new provider. Work with an independent agent like our team to help you to locate a new policy with the types of coverage you need, including lost wages for a covered vehicle accident. If you are unsure about your current policy, be sure to contact your carrier to find out the details. Then, if you are not covered under it, look for a new provider.