Who Needs Recreational Insurance in Connecticut

West Hartford, CT residents know how much fun you can have with a recreational vehicle in the surrounding areas. All summer long, adventures await and memories to be made with family and friends. If you’re shopping around for a recreational insurance plan, it’s important to know your coverage and what you need to fully enjoy your recreational vehicle all year round. 

ALLConnecticut Insurance understands the benefits of having quality recreational insurance for your RV. Whether you’re embarking on a road trip up and down the West Coast, enjoying the fall foliage in New England, or hitting the beach in Florida, recreational insurance is crucial for your safety, financial security, and overall peace of mind on any adventure. 

If you own an RV in West Hartford, CT or anywhere in the country, having a quality insurance policy is the best way to enjoy your experience without putting yourself in harm’s way, via an accident or collision, theft, damage, or severe weather. 

While these scenarios may seem like a stretch to the imagination, know that they do happen and you’ll want to be fully covered and ensured if you get into a sticky situation with your RV. Unforeseen issues can be a massive financial burden on RV owners, so stay proactive and get a great insurance policy today. 

If you need more guidance in purchasing recreational insurance, contact ALLConnecticut Insurance today. We’ve got a team of trained agents who can help you enjoy the great outdoors while providing a full coverage policy that won’t have you questioning what you’re covered for in the event of an accident. Working with our team means you have a full understanding of what you’re paying for, how you’re covered, and who has your back in the event of an accident. 

4 Things You Must Know About Umbrella Insurance

Just like everything else, trying to grasp a new topic or concept always seems a daunting experience. There are usually a lot of questions mixed with long stares. Speaking of new learnings, umbrella insurance is one of those topics that can be challenging to many people. However, at ALLConnecticut Insurance, we dissect umbrella insurance to its basics, helping you know the nitty-gritty of this widely misunderstood coverage.

For starters, here are the four basic facts you must know about umbrella insurance.

It’s a liability coverage

Umbrella insurance protects you when accused by third parties. If you are deemed liable for property damage or bodily injury, umbrella insurance comes to your rescue when the typical liability coverages are exhausted.

It’s not a stand-alone policy

Umbrella insurance doesn’t exist on its own — it rides on other coverages. For instance, if you have a boat or home insurance plan, you can consider umbrella insurance to boost your liability coverage.

Umbrella insurance is suitable for everyone

There is a common misconception that umbrella insurance is for the super-rich only. This notion isn’t entirely true. Whether you are a start-up or a veteran, umbrella insurance serves the purpose of asset protection. And because anyone in America can be sued, there is no better protection for your assets than umbrella insurance.

It’s affordable and convenient

Since umbrella insurance rides on other coverages, it’s super affordable. You will be surprised that for a $1M coverage, you will only pay a fraction of what you pay for, let say, your home or auto insurance.

Additionally, umbrella insurance has no geographical limitation. Unlike other liability coverages, it can protect you anywhere in the world.

Learn more about umbrella insurance in West Hartford, CT 

Would you like to get more information about umbrella insurance? Would you please get in touch with ALLConnecticut Insurance? We will advise you on many aspects of umbrella insurance, including the benefits, cost, and demystifying popular myths about this coverage.