Distracted driving, it’s effects & statistics

When you are driving, it is important to give the road your full attention. Eating while steering, changing the channel on the radio, and or using your car GPS system are seemingly harmless activities that can have deadly consequences. Marlborough drivers can benefit from recognizing the behaviors that contribute to distracted driving and why these behaviors are so dangerous.

What is Distracted Driving?

Distracted driving can refer to any activity that causes a driver to lose their focus on the road. However, common distracting activities that drivers engage in include:

  • Texting or talking on a cell phone.
  • Talking to passengers in the car.
  • Eating or drinking foods and beverages while driving.
  • Reading maps or using a GPS system in the car.

To keep safe, it is recommended that drivers refrain from these activities while they are operating a vehicle. As a rule of thumb, an activity is a distraction if it reduces your ability to see or hear fully while you are driving.

Just How Serious in Distracted Driving?

The dangers of distracted driving are well documented. The U.S. government website for distracted driving highlights the severity of the problem through the following statistics:

  • In 2011, over 3,000 drivers were killed in crashes that involved distracted drivers.
  • In 2010, distracted driving contributed to 18 percent of all crashes that resulted in an injury.
  • Text messaging while driving makes it 23 times more likely that a driver will be involved in a crash.
  • A driver’s reaction time decreases by 18 percent when using a cell phone.

As these statistics show, habits that reduce a driver’s focus greatly increase a driver’s likelihood of getting in an accident.

What if I Receive a Citation for Distracted Driving?

Connecticut takes distracted driving very seriously and specifically restricts cell phone use by drivers. Connecticut prohibits all drivers from talking or sending text messages while operating a motor vehicle. However, Marlborough drivers should note that the police in Connecticut may pull you over for other behaviors that they interpret to be distracting.

An independent agent can assist you if you are cited for distracted driving. While insurance providers take distracted driving seriously, one citation typically will not lead to increased premiums. However, multiple tickets may place you in a higher risk category. An independent agent can help you determine how a citation for distracted driving may impact your rates and help you keep your rates low if you are shopping for a new policy.

What discounts can be applied on my homeowners insurance policy in Marlborough, CT?

Homeowners insurance is a necessary part of owning a home, but the cost doesn’t have to make your bank account scream out in pain each time you send in your payment. Here are some discounts that you might find when you go to your local independent agent in Marlborough, Connecticut:

Take measures to improve your credit score. Believe it or not, having a good credit score will save you money on your insurance policy because insurance companies have found that people with higher scores tend to file fewer claims than those who have lower scores.

Check your home for insurance risks. If you are planning to get a dog, but aren’t sure about which breed you want to get, steer clear of Pit Bulls and Rottweilers as they tend to be responsible for more claims. Also, think twice before getting the kids a trampoline or installing a swimming pool. If you have one of these risks and get rid of it, be sure to let your insurance company know so they can adjust your rates.

Install security devices. Taking precautions to reduce the risk of burglary may get you a discount on your home insurance policy. Putting in deadbolt locks, installing an alarm system, smoke detectors, carbon monoxide detectors and strong locks on windows are all things you can do to help make your home safer, and less of a risk for your insurance company.

Bundle your policies. Just like your telecommunications company gives you a discount when you use them for phone, television and Internet services, insurance companies give discounts for clients who use them for their home, life and auto insurance policies.

Finally, make sure you are getting the lowest possible rates by comparing multiple policies online. Your independent agent in Marlborough, Connecticut will be glad to help you.

How Many Points are Issued for Every Violation & What’s the Maximum You Can Get?

When drivers get a moving violation in Connecticut, the driver will receive a fine and points. The police issues the violation and the DMV sets the fine. A driver’s license will be suspended when a driver has received enough points. The DMV keeps track of driving records. When a driver has 10 points, he/she can expect a 30-day suspension of license. If he/she receives 10 points more, he/she can expect their license suspended for up to two years.

If you find yourself in this position call an independent agent in the Marlborough or West Hartford, Connecticut area, we are here to help you with your auto insurance.

One Point Violations: are issued for speeding, improver land use, and illegal use of limited access highway. Fines for driving the wrong way on one way streets, illegal passing of motorcycles using no signal, improper backing process, illegal turns, illegal multi-lane highway use and illegal use of a divided highway.

Two Point Violations: are issued for disregarding low enforcement, illegal entry or exit of highway, illegal turn from wrong lanes, illegal use of railroad crossing, no stopping at railroad crossings for commercial vehicles, no observation of restrictions on an expressway, no yield sign use, no stop sign use, no observation of traffic signals, illegally entering safety zone of pedestrians, and driving under minimum speed limits.

Three Point Violations: are issued for impaired driving, meeting traffic head-on, no yield to passing vehicles, no pedestrian right of way, no right of way to emergency personnel, no right of way when exiting onto road way, no right of way at highway junctions, or intersections, not keeping proper distance between the car in front, passing in no passing zone, and passing on right side of the vehicle.

Four Point Violations: are issued for wagering speed record, passing loading and unloading school bus and harassing other drivers.

Five Point Violations: are issued for speeding a school bus, and negligent homicide with a motor vehicle.

Remember to call an independent agent in the Marlborough or West Hartford, Connecticut area. As your independent agent for car insurance we can help you with your auto insurance policy.

What is Basic Reparation Benefits Coverage in Connecticut? What does it cover?

Basic reparation benefits are another name for PIP or personal injury auto protection. Another name for this is No-Fault insurance. This benefit will cover the driver and all passengers, should they be in a serious accident. As your independent agent, we can help you get the insurance protection you need, depending upon your situation. If you live in the Marlborough, or West Hartford, Connecticut area, give us a call today and speak with an agent regarding a car policy.

Reparation benefits will add extra coverage to your basic auto protection. If a driver needs to use their basic auto policy to help pay for medical bills there is a set limit by the insured. When this limit has been reached than reparation benefits will take over medical bills as an extension of the person’s policy protection for injury (s) sustained in a serious automobile accident. An independent agent can help you decide if you need reparation benefits.

If basic car protection is not going to cover certain benefits, neither will reparation benefits cover those things. Both of these policies cover chiropractic care, hospital visits, doctor bills, nursing care, and rehabilitative treatment and care. If an insured cannot work due to injuries then the reparation benefit will pay benefits for lost wages. According to an independent agent, the highest that reparation benefits will pay for lost wages is about $200.00 per week.

Those people who do not have the benefit of individual health insurance or might be without work, thus without group insurance coverage may benefit from a reparation benefit. If in a serious accident your PIP coverage will pay first. When PIP limits have been reached, then the person’s medical benefits will start to pay.

Call us today in Marlborough, Connecticut and do not wait one more day to make sure your car is completely covered on the road. We also service the West Hartford area.