Is Hail Damage Covered In A Car Insurance Policy?

Newington, CT is a fun city with lots of things to do. Throughout the 06111 area code, there are a lot of shopping centers. There’s also a lot of natural beauty and it’s possible to indulge with fishing in the various brooks, hiking, and more.


Throughout the year, the weather can vary. Hail damage is relatively common during the winter months when there are storms. The problem with hail is that it can damage your clear coat. When the clear coat is damaged, it can then lead to paint chipping and then rust.


If your car experiences hail damage in Newington, you have to find out whether it is covered within your car insurance so the repair can be handled.


If you buy car insurance without looking at what is covered, it’s unlikely that damage from hail will be covered. The reason is because CT as a state defines what is required. This includes liability insurance only. If you are involved in an accident, your insurance will cover personal injuries and property damage. That’s it.


Our car insurance agents in Newington, CT can help you learn about the various coverage options so hail damage is covered. You will need comprehensive insurance, which covers non-moving incidents, such as hail, damage in a parking lot, and more. This way, your clear coat can be repaired so you don’t have to worry about any of it in the 06111 area.


If you live in the 06111 ZIP code, we can help you with your car insurance. Call us today and let us find a policy that covers all of the issues that you could incur while in the state. This will give you peace of mind knowing that repairs to your car won’t cost more than the deductible that’s in place.


My Car Has Been Hit In A CT Parking Lot: Now What?

Newington, CT is a bustling city with plenty of things to do. From brooks for fishing to shopping centers and bowling alleys, there is always something to do. There can be plenty of traffic around the area, so it’s important to look at how well protected your car is at all times.

If your car has been hit in a parking lot in CT, you may wonder what you’re supposed to do. Especially if there is no one around, it’s hard to get insurance information and submit it to your company. When you’re in the 06111 area, it’s possible to still have the coverage so you can file a claim.

With automobile insurance, there are primarily two types: moving and non-moving. The moving coverage is what CT requires of all drivers. This has to do with personal injury and property damage liability. There are minimum requirements that you must have.

However, if you have been hit in a parking lot in Newington 06111, then it’s not a moving violation. You may not even be around when the car is hit.

If you have comprehensive insurance, that can cover all of the non-moving incidents that your car is involved in. This includes a hit in the parking lot, hail damage, and much more. This way, if something happens to your car in the 06111 ZIP code or anywhere else, you can call the automobile insurance company and file a claim.

Our agents can help you with the coverage you need in Newington. When you call one of our agents, we can guide you through the coverage options and let you know how to be covered whenever something should go wrong, on or off the road. Whenever you can minimize how much you spend out of pocket, it’s a good thing.