Can someone, other than me in West Hartford, CT, make payments on my home insurance policy?

You may wonder what you should do if the premium on your home insurance policy is due tomorrow and you are away from your West Hartford, Connecticut home and can not make the payment yourself. If it is inconvenient or impossible to access your funds to make payments on your home policy, you can have someone else make those payments. As long as the insurance company receives a payment for your account, they do not care who signed the check.

If you happen to get ill and wind up having to stay in the hospital for three or four months, worrying about paying your mortgage, home insurance or other bills, is probably the furthest thing on your mind. You may be too sick to handle such tasks or you may not have access to your money. It is perfectly okay to have someone else make payments on your home policy so you do not risk having the policy canceled. Of course, you should make sure to either give them access to your funds or pay them back when you recover and are out of the hospital.

When a judge slams down the gavel and sentences you to three years in a Connecticut prison that does not mean that you will lose your home. You can arrange to have your spouse, a family member or a trusted friend to handle your financial affairs while you are incarcerated. They can make the payments on your home insurance and mortgage so when you get out of jail, you still have a place to call home.

Whether you are away on a long European vacation, stationed overseas for military service or lying in a hospital bed, you can have someone else make your home insurance payments. Give us a call and an independent agent can suggest the best way to set up an arrangement for paying your premiums when you are not able to do on your own.

Are there any policy limits on my home insurance policy in West Hartford, CT?

You as a homeowner have two values on your home. One is the value of the house, and the other is what is will cost for them to replace the house should it be totally destroyed by any number of means. According to many insurance companies across the United States and financial institutions holding home mortgages, the homeowner should consider the following and speak with an independent agent today in West Hartford, Connecticut regarding your expectations for your homeowner’s policy.

• The dwelling coverage

• Amount should be enough to rebuild your house

• Replacement cost could prove to be higher than the value of the house

• Standard coverage amount

• Increase amounts as needed

• Adding limits above the standard limits normally set

• Consider the deductible out of pocket amount

It is important that you read and review your homeowner’s policy and know what is in that policy. You do not way any surprises when you need to file a claim. Standard limits do not vary from one insurance company to another. The rates on various policies can vary. Policy limits are considered the maximum limits that your company will pay you for loss, injuries, damages, to your property.

If you want to go over the limits set by your insurance carrier, you will have to purchase an umbrella type of coverage that allows for a high limit dollar payout for damages and losses. To determine exactly how much your umbrella should cover, you will need to speak with your independent agent today in West Hartford, Connecticut. We can help you. It is important that you call us today so we can give you specific details for your circumstances.

Your independent agent in Connecticut can set you up with coverage that will help secure your house when the need arises.

In West Hartford, CT, Can I pay for my home insurance policy using someone else’s credit card?

People who live in West Hartford, Connecticut rely on credit cards to pay for almost everything. They are no different than people in Miami, Denver or Dallas. Almost every Connecticut insurance provider will give you the option of using your credit card to make a payment or payments on your home insurance policy.

One of the reasons why you might want to use your credit card to pay your premium in full when you take out home insurance is that you may qualify for a discounted rate compared to spreading out your payments over the year through the finance company. Insurance companies may give as much as a 10 percent discount if you pay all at once.

If you do not have the money sitting in the bank, it might save you some money if you put the cost of your home insurance on your credit card and then pay the card off in a couple of month. Even though credit cards have high interest rates, you will come out ahead as long as you pay off the balance in a reasonable amount of time.

Naturally, it is nice to be able to save 10 percent on your premium, but what can you do if you do not have money in the bank or a credit card with enough available credit to cover the one-time payment. You can ask your spouse to use her credit card, or if you have a really close friend, ask them to pay the premium on their charge card. As long as you get permission from the person whose card you want to use, you can pay your insurance company with another person’s credit card.

Just be sure to pay that person back as soon as you can. Any interest or other charges that are billed to the person who lent you their card are also your responsibility to pay. While it may be okay to use someone else’s card, be very careful if you do. If you do not pay them back, you may get sued and will probably lose a good friend.

If money is tight and you are thinking about using someone else’s credit card, give us a call first. An independent agent may be able to get the terms of your financing agreement changed so you can afford the premium and not impose on a friend or family member.

Can I produce bills at the end of the year and claim on my home insurance policy for small repairs carried out in West Hartford, CT?

Forget about that idea of yours that you thought of while you were sitting on your couch and eating some warmed up pizza in your West Hartford, Connecticut home. You can not go through all of your receipts for repairs you made over the year and use them to file a claim with your home insurance carrier.

You may have a lot of bills to pay and could use some extra money from your insurance company, but you can never collect for small repairs that are not due to a covered peril on your policy. If you read the terms of your home insurance policy, you will see, among other things that you have only a certain amount of time to report damage and file a claim. If, for instance, a windstorm blew off some tiles on your roof, and you ignored it for 10 months, you will be questioned as to why you did not report it back in January when it happened. Your home insurance policy requires you to report each individual incident as a separate claim.

Even if you have a bunch of legitimate small losses that are not just normal wear and tear or lack of maintenance, you can not combine incidents to make a bigger claim so it will be well above your deductible. Your kid may throw a baseball through your window and it may cost $300 to replace. Two months later, a limb may fall from a tree and put a big crack in your concrete patio. To get it patched up might cost you another $300.

We understand that money can be tight and that you do not want to pay for accidents or incidents that are covered by insurance. Give us a call and an independent agent might be able to get you a lower deductible so you can collect on smaller, individual claims that can occur throughout the year.