Is there a difference between boat insurance and yacht insurance?

There is no hard-fast rule that defines the difference between a boat and a yacht. Generally speaking, a boat is usually less than 30 feet long. A yacht is always a pleasure craft even if it is rented out for hire, whereas a boat can be used for recreation or for business efforts, such as commercial fishing. A ship can carry a boat, but a boat cannot carry a ship. 

If you tell a yacht owner you like his or her boat, they might be insulted. This is because yachts are very expensive and cost much more than a smaller pleasure boat.

There are significant differences between the types of insurance available from ALLConnecticut Insurance serving West Hartford, CT for different types of watercraft depending on its size, its value, and what activities it is used for.

Boat and Yacht Insurance Checklist

Here are some things to consider when insuring your watercraft:

  • Where will the boat or yacht be moored?
  • Will it be a supervised mooring or unsupervised?
  • Will it be fitted with an alarm and a GPS anti-theft device?
  • Will it stay in the water all year long, or only be used seasonally?
  • Will it be used for any commercial purpose, including charging for boat rides, commercial fishing, or renting it out?
  • What does its replacement cost?
  • What upgrades have been made? Yachts typically have designer finishes, expensive fittings, and may have things like fine artwork that needs special insurance coverage.
  • Is all the necessary safety gear on board and kept in good working condition?


It is important to insure your prize possession of a pleasure boat, commercial boat, or yacht adequately. Even if moored properly, severe weather can suddenly come up that damages it, while it is docked.

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Does Commercial Insurance Cover Your Personal Car That is Used For Business?

In order to properly insure your business vehicle, you can take out a commercial car insurance policy. This is something that needs to be discussed with an insurance agent to make certain that you are protecting you, and your business from liability.

Commercial Car Insurance:

  • goes above and beyond what a personal auto insurance policy would cover
  • covers situations that would occur related to business traveling and usage
  • covers liability for people who may be employed by your company and are conducting business using a company vehicle
  • covers work only vehicles like dump trucks and taxi cabs

It is tempting to continue to insure your work vehicle under your personal auto insurance policy. DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO THIS TEMPTATION. Though the chances are slim that you or your employer would get into an auto accident, the stress caused by driving without proper insurance is not worth it.

If the car is involved in an accident while it is being driven for work-related purposes your personal auto policy will not cover your liability. Commercial vehicle insurance is designed for the situations that will arise during business travel. Driving without insurance jeopardizes your business and personal revenue. You leave yourself open to being personally sued for damages.  

Speaking with a knowledgeable insurance agent about where the gray areas would be to your benefit. 

Call ALLConnecticut Insurance today at 860-232-7076 to figure out if you need a commercial vehicle insurance policy. If you reside in or have set up your business in West Hartford, CT or the surrounding areas we would love for you to come in to speak with one of our agents today to discuss your commercial, home, life, or auto insurance policy needs. Make your insurance a priority before a mishap arises!