West Hartford, CT: You Can Give Back to Others

Giving back to others isn’t difficult. Most people think it’s about money, but often it’s about time and talents, instead. Volunteering your time to organizations like Meals on Wheels, or giving blood to help save lives, can be great ways to get to know people throughout your local community, along with finding a sense of purpose. If you’ve just moved to West Hartford, CT, you may not know anyone there. That can be stressful, but it doesn’t take long to meet people and make some friends.

A good place to start is to volunteer with organizations that are important to you, so you can get involved with others who share your interests in the kinds of things that you feel matter in your life. It’s often much easier to make friends when they are people who have similar interests. That helps you form a connection, and can also have you feeling more at home in a new place. You might want to consider adopting a pet from a West Hartford shelter, too. Adopting shelter pets saves lives, and gives you a furry companion to help you get settled into your new location.

When you think about giving back to others, also consider getting your insurance from a local agency like ALLConnecticut Insurance. When you do that, you keep more money in your community and help a business there see a larger degree of success. That’s good for you, the business, and the entire local area, and you’ll get the personalized service you expect from a local insurance agent, too. It’s an excellent way to help give back to the area.

4 Ways to Make House Sitting a Positive Experience

Staying at someone’s home while they are gone can be a nerve wrecking experience if you aren’t sure what to expect. Thankfully, there are a few things you can do to promote a good outcome for both you and your host. Here are four ways to make house sitting a positive experience.

#1: Be Clear About Expectations

When house sitting for someone else, it is very important to be clear about any expectations they have for you while they are away. Ask plenty of questions, such as whether or not you’re responsible for getting the mail, putting out the trash cans on the curb, or watering plants. By keeping this discussion open from the beginning, you can ensure that you are both happy with the final outcome of the stay and that nothing is missed.

#2: Ask Plenty of Questions

Asking plenty of questions prior to your host leaving is also an important way to make the overall experience positive. Inquire as to where they keep spare toilet paper, clean towels, and extra pillows, but also consider things like how to set the pilot light and where the breaker box is located. If you are taking care of animals in their absence, find out the name and phone number of a local veterinarian.

#3: Do What You Say You Will Do

Many homeowners have hired people to watch their homes while they were away, only to find out the other person didn’t hold up their end of the bargain. For a positive experience, don’t be this kind of house sitter! If you say you’re going to pick up the mail every day and feed the goldfish seven times, do it exactly as you mapped out in the beginning.

#4: Leave Things Better Than When You Found Them

Who doesn’t like coming home to a clean house? As a house sitter, it is important to leave things better than when you found it. Wash towels, remake the bed, and put away any dishes that you’ve used during your stay. Your host will definitely thank you for doing so.

For homeowners, it is also important to ensure you have proper insurance coverage before you leave on your adventure. To learn more or obtain a no-obligation policy quote, please contact us at ALLConnecticut Insurance today.