In West Harford, Connecticut, Can I Pay for My Car Insurance Policy by Installments Online?

For many people, convenience is a big factor when it comes to auto insurance. You likely want the easiest way to make your payments and that is often doing so online. If you are in West Hartford, Connecticut, you may be in luck. Many companies provide this service, but before you sign up consider a few things.

Should you pay for your car insurance in installments? This means you would be able to take your annual or six-month plan and divide it into smaller payments, usually monthly. This is almost always something that the insurance company offers. However, many will charge a small fee for processing your payment so frequently. If this fee is minimal and it makes it easier for you to make on time payments to your insurance company, then it is worthwhile.

In addition to this, you may want to compare the features some companies provide. Not all will provide online access to making installment payments. Some will require you to set up installments that automatically withdraw from your bank account each month. This may be something you can manage on the company’s website. If you are able to access your account online, be sure to consider other features that may be available, such as access to claims, vehicle policy features, and even to add to your policy.

In today’s world, having the ability to make payments online is critical. If this matters to you, turn to our independent agent for help in finding a provider that will work with you. West Hartford, Connecticut companies do offer this type of auto policy to many consumers, but you may want to ensure it is available if you are purchasing a policy from a new company.

If I have an older car whose current market value is very low in West Hartford, Connecticut, Do I really need to purchase automobile insurance?

You can not drive any automobile in the state of Connecticut without having auto insurance. Even if you have an old clunker that you use to get back and forth to work in West Hartford, you need to have automobile insurance.

Now, the type of coverage you must have to comply with the financial responsibility laws in Connecticut, is limited to liability coverage. The state requires you to carry bodily injury and property damage liability insurance in case you have an accident and are found to be responsible for causing injury or damage to another person or another person’s property.

Your old car, with a market value that is probably less than the monthly take-home pay of the average worker in West Hartford, Connecticut, is not required to have comprehensive and collision coverage. Comprehensive and collision auto insurance provides coverage for your vehicle, not for liability claims by other parties.

Many times it does not make sense to pay the extra premium to have full coverage on your 15 year old car that has a market value of maybe $1,000. Your car may be in perfect condition and very valuable to you, but it still is only worth a $1,000. If it costs you $200 extra to add collision and comprehensive to your auto insurance policy and you have a $500 deductible, you would be paying $200 to get up to a maximum of $500 of insurance. That is not too smart.

We often advise our clients to either avoid this coverage on vehicles with low market value or take out a policy with a very low deductible like $100 or $250. If you have an old car and are not sure what coverage you should have, give us a call. An independent agent will be happy to lay out the facts and recommend a good and affordable automobile policy for you.

I have towing and labor coverage on my auto insurance policy in West Hartford, Connecticut, Does it only come into effect after an accident?

Your auto policy gives you a level of protection and a peace of mind as you operate your car on a daily basis. When you are involved in an accident you will end up having to get your car fixed at a repair shop. In order for you to have your current car taken to a repair shop and have another car you must have towing and rental car coverage. Here are some things that these benefits that can help you through a tough time.

The Benefits of Having Towing and Rental Car Coverage

  • The benefit of towing is a coverage that can be used anytime your car breaks down and you have to have assistance to get back on the road. The insurance company will send a tow truck to the car and if they cannot fix it on location, they will then take the vehicle to the nearest approved repair shop.
  • Rental car coverage is directly linked to your car being disabled. If you are without your car because of an accident, the insurance company will cover the cost to get you a car until your own vehicle is up and running. In some cases if you get a rental that is not related to an accident, the liability may extend to a rental for pleasure purposes.

If you live in the West Hartford, Connecticut area and have questions about your car insurance coverage, then please call your independent agent today. We can help you with your insurance needs that is why it’s important that you give us a call so that we can give you specific details for your circumstances. We can also answer all of your current questions and get you the policy that will cover your driving situation.

Will my auto insurance cover me if I am hit by an uninsured motorist in West Hartford, Connecticut?

No one should drive on the road without car insurance as it is against the law in West Hartford, Connecticut and any other state. If you are insured and your auto is hit by an uninsured motorist, you need to call the police to make a report. Hopefully the driver does not leave the scene. If they do leave, get their license plate number off the auto, make and model, and color of the auto. Call your independent agent as soon as possible.

If the driver does stay until the police arrive, get their name and address off their drivers license. Take photos if possible and try to get a quick photo of the driver in case they leave the area, which is common. Take care of any injuries first and then call your independent agent.

You should carry uninsured motorist coverage on your policy. Your coverage will pay for all of your damages. If you are seriously injured and you have reached the limits of your coverage, you may have to seek an accident attorney on your behalf to file a lawsuit.

Keep in mind that a lack of money is one big reason why a lot of people do not have car coverage. If you file a lawsuit, you may not be able to get anything from the suit. Your company may also try to file a law suit against the other driver.

If the driver offers to pay for the damages, you still must call your insurance company. The driver just does not want to get caught without coverage on their car. It is likely that this person has no money anyway.

If you are hit by an uninsured motorist, it is important that you give your independent agent in West Hartford, Connecticut, a call right away as we can give you specific details of your circumstances.