Common RV Myths

RV ownership offers a lifestyle many people dream of living in West Hartford, CT. Not only are you able to go out on the open road traveling, but you can also do so in the comfort of your own home away from home. However, there are several common myths about RVs, and many of those myths are listed below. 

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Myth: Buying used generators with very few hours is a good investment.

Truth: A generator must be used to help keep it running smoothly. If a generator is not used for prolonged periods, the gas starts to gum and varnish the fuel system. It is best to purchase a new generator from a reputable RV parts dealer. 

Myth: RVs get terrible gas mileage.

Truth: This myth is semi-false because RVs are not fuel-efficient, but they get much better gas mileage than most people think. With new advancements, RVs are getting better gas mileage and offering more fuel-efficient options. 

Myth: I need a special incense to drive an RV.

Truth: You do not need a special license to drive a standard RV. However, those purchasing larger RV models may require a special license depending on the size and weight of the unit. 

Myth: I do not need to store my RV during the winter months.

Truth: RVs not used in the winter should be stored appropriately. If the RV is exposed to the elements, long-term can cause damage to the RV. 

Having an RV in West Hartford, CT means you can get out and go on the road with many of your comforts of home. When you are ready to hit the road, give us a call at ALLConnecticut Insurance for additional information on how to protect you and your motorhome. 

Required Commercial Insurance in Connecticut

For businesses in Connecticut, there are two types of commercial insurance that are required for most businesses. There are also many types of commercial insurance that can help protect a business, but they are not required. If you want to know more about commercial insurance policies, call us at ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT.

Workers’ Compensation Coverage

If a Connecticut business has employees of any type, the business must keep workers’ compensation insurance. This is true whether the employees are seasonal, part-time or full-time. The only exception for this mandate is for domestic workers who work in the house for 25 hours a week or less. This insurance pays for the medical bills of employees who get sick or are injured in the workplace. With this insurance coverage, your business is protected against lawsuits from employees who become injured. 

Commercial Auto Coverage

Another required commercial policy is a commercial auto policy. This insurance is required for all vehicles that are owned by a Connecticut business. There are specific requirements for this policy to contain certain minimums for bodily injury liability, property damage liability, and uninsured motorist coverage. If you have a vehicle that is often used for work but is not owned by the company, that vehicle’s personal insurance policy may not payout due to the business usage. For those vehicles, it’s recommended that you get a hired and non-owned policy. This policy isn’t required by law, but it is highly recommended. 

Commercial Insurance Policies

If your business needs commercial insurance, contact us today at ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT to talk to an agent about the policies required for your business as well as those that are highly recommended.