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Homeowners insurance is a form of property insurance that covers losses and damages to an individual's residence, along with furnishings and other assets in the home. Homeowners insurance also provides liability coverage against accidents in the home or on the property.

Choosing the best home insurance is simple if you know all the facts. Although there are many similarities between Home, Renter's and Condo insurance, there are a few differences also. The best way to make sure you are getting the coverage you need is to contact one of our Licensed Agents. They will make sure you are getting the coverage you need by comparing quotes from our top providers.

Requirements vary greatly from state to state depending on the type of policies you may require. Please reach out to one of our Licensed Agents to discuss your specific needs and budgets. Homeowners insurance policies also have a liability limit, which will protect the insured to the limits of the policy.

Whether you own or rent one or multiple properties in Connecticut, North Carolina, or Florida you will want to protect yourself with a Homeowners Insurance policy.


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