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A lapse in auto insurance can have devastating consequences for drivers. In most cases, drivers can recover from a lapse relatively unscathed. It can, however, mean financial ruin. Because of the potentially devastating consequences, it is never a good idea to be without auto insurance–even for a day. If it is 11:00 p.m. and your policy ends in an hour, though, you can still find insurance for tomorrow. We have insurance agents standing by around the clock for just such an emergency.

A Lapse in Coverage

Most drivers who let their auto insurance coverage lapse are able to find another policy before disaster strikes. They are, however, taking on a huge risk–not to mention breaking the law.

Should you be responsible for an accident and not have a current insurance policy, you will personally have to pay for any damage caused. This may only be a couple thousand dollars worth of bodywork to a car, or it could be hundreds of thousands of dollars in medical bills. Without an insurance policy in effect, you are not protected against such a catastrophe.

Even if you are not in an accident, not having auto insurance is against the law in Connecticut. By state law, all drivers are required to carry minimum levels of insurance. If a cop catches you without sufficient coverage, they could arrest you and impound your vehicle.

Finding Coverage at the Last Minute

Thankfully, you can find coverage at anytime of the day or night. At ALLConnecticut Insurance Agency, we have licensed insurance agents answering the phones 24/7. No matter what time it is, give us a call and we will make sure you are properly insured tomorrow.

Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Smoke Damage in West Hartford, CT?

Smoke damage from a fire will stain walls, leave behind a persistent odor and cover everything in soot. Recovering from the damage almost always requires professional cleaning by a company that specializes in cleaning up after fires. In most cases, the cost of this cleaning will be covered by your homeowners insurance policy. It may not always be, though.

An Unexpected Peril

Most fires are unexpected, which is the type of emergency homeowners insurance policies are designed for. After you pay your deductible, insurance companies will usually pay any other expenses associated with recovering from a fire. This includes, among other things, cleaning up any smoke damage.

Preventable Fires

If the fire was preventable, however, your insurance company might refuse to pay. Possible causes of a preventable fire include:

  • using appliances outside of the manufacturer’s guidelines
  • an known electrical issue that remains unaddressed
  • improperly maintaining or using a fireplace

These are just a few examples of situations where your insurance company might not reimburse you for smoke damage, because you could have prevented the fire.

Review Your Specific Policy

Whether your specific home will be covered depends on your specific insurance policy. If you are unsure of your policy’s exclusions, contact our agents in West Hartford, CT. All of our agents are licensed to sell insurance in Connecticut and knowledgeable about homeowners policies. They are able to go through your policy with you and clarify any questions you have.

Prevent Fires

In addition to ensuring you are properly insured against smoke damage, the best way to protect yourself from smoke damage is to not cause fires in the first place. Clean your chimney annually, maintain your home’s electrical system and do not leave the stove unattended while it is on. If you have reviewed your policy with an agent and take basic safety precautions, you are doing as much as you can to protect yourself, your home and your family.

Certified Health Insurance Agents in Bristol, CT

Health insurance options can shape the way you seek out your health care, and how quickly you can get to a specialist for help. It’s important to know exactly what coverage options you have, what kind of limits you have on procedures, and the amount you have to pay personally.

A common type of health insurance is a preferred providers organization. This type of insurance partners with many doctors and medical facilities with various specialties in order to bring down the cost of care for the insurance company and the patients. You can opt to go to any specialist in the network, or a general care doctor if you don’t know specifically what you need. While you can get care outside of the network, generally the PPO insurance covers a small part or none of the out of network medical care cost. This is particularly important to consider for emergency care, which is significantly more expensive than routine medical care. Make sure that hospitals in your general area are the ones in network, since accidents are more likely to happen around your home and work instead of elsewhere.

The deductible is the amount you pay the insurance company for your part of the financial agreement. This may be a small amount with high premium plans, or a significantly larger amount for health insurance that’s designed for catastrophic coverage.

Need help getting an accurate health insurance quote in Bristol, CT? Get in touch with our skilled insurance agents who are happy to explain all of your health insurance options to you. We know it’s hard to figure out whether you’re getting the coverage you need, so let us know your health situation and we’ll arrange the most appropriate and affordable health insurance coverage.

How to Switch RV Insurance Companies in West Hartford, CT

Recreational vehicles are one of the best ways to traverse the country, especially if you want to spend some time in the flyover states instead of choosing to forget that they exist. RV insurance is a specialized type of vehicle insurance due to the fact that RVs are not typically used all year round, they contain a significant amount of personal assets, and they’re generally high priced vehicles.

If you find a better deal on RV insurance, it’s best to know how the change insurance provider process works. The first step in the process is to shop around for another insurance provider. You also want to look at the existing RV insurance policy you hold to determine whether your company has an early termination fee. It’s possible to get this waived if you talk with your insurance company, or if you see if your new insurance company will cover the termination fee for you.

Don’t cancel your policy with the original insurance company until you have a solid policy in place with the new company. Establish the coverage dates so that you overlap the ending of the first policy with the establishment of the second. Do not, under any circumstances, allow your first policy to expire prior to the first coverage date of your new RV insurance.

Need help when you’re changing your insurance provider? Get in touch with us for a free online quote that shows you how your existing RV insurance stacks up with other options. Make sure that you’re following the proper procedure to switch your insurance provider before opting to go with the better option. We’ll be happy to guide you through the process.