Certified Health Insurance Agents in Bristol, CT

Health insurance options can shape the way you seek out your health care, and how quickly you can get to a specialist for help. It’s important to know exactly what coverage options you have, what kind of limits you have on procedures, and the amount you have to pay personally.

A common type of health insurance is a preferred providers organization. This type of insurance partners with many doctors and medical facilities with various specialties in order to bring down the cost of care for the insurance company and the patients. You can opt to go to any specialist in the network, or a general care doctor if you don’t know specifically what you need. While you can get care outside of the network, generally the PPO insurance covers a small part or none of the out of network medical care cost. This is particularly important to consider for emergency care, which is significantly more expensive than routine medical care. Make sure that hospitals in your general area are the ones in network, since accidents are more likely to happen around your home and work instead of elsewhere.

The deductible is the amount you pay the insurance company for your part of the financial agreement. This may be a small amount with high premium plans, or a significantly larger amount for health insurance that’s designed for catastrophic coverage.

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