Does Your Vehicle Qualify for Recreational Insurance?

Certain types of vehicles fall under the category of needing recreational insurance. If you wonder whether your vehicle requires this, it’s a good idea to do your research or talk to an agent like those at ALLConnecticut Insurance for your recreational insurance needs in and around West Hartford, CT.


Of course, RVs are covered under recreational insurance. However, there is a wider range of this type of automobile that would require such insurance. This includes Class A Motorhomes (known as motor coaches), Class B Motorhomes (known as camper vans), and Class C Motorhomes (known as campers or camper vans). Talk to an expert to help you figure out the specifics of each line of coverage that’s available.

Travel Trailers

Under this category is a wide range of trailers. If you have a toy hauler, pop-up camper, cargo trailer, mounted truck camper, horse trailer, or fifth-wheel trailer, you’ll want to seek recreational insurance coverage.


Though motorcycles would normally be under their individual category of insurance, they can be treated the same as off-road if they’re not being used on roadways. This category includes motocross bikes, dirt bikes, ATVs, dune buggies, golf carts, snowmobiles, and mopeds. Before you use one of these, learn what policy coverage you’ll need to cover losses or damage along with anything involving another vehicle or person who is not on the policy.

Insurance to Meet Your Needs

Considering all of the little details that are difficult to keep track of it’s a good idea to work with an insurance agent who will sit with you and personalize your recreational insurance policy. If you have any questions or would like to get a quote, contact ALLConnecticut Insurance of the West Hartford, CT area.

Three things umbrella insurance covers

If you have not yet invested in an umbrella insurance policy, you should understand how important umbrella insurance coverage is for protecting your assets. At ALLConnecticut Insurance, we offer umbrella insurance coverage for consumers in West Hartford, CT.

The following are three things that umbrella insurance will cover for you to protect your assets.

Damages from injuries

You purchase home and auto insurance in part to cover the costs of any injuries resulting from an accident in your automobile or at your property. However, your home and auto insurance policies have policy limits. This means they will only pay out a certain amount to cover injury expenses.

Umbrella insurance provides coverage for injury expenses that are greater than the policy limits on your home, auto, or another type of insurance policy. 

Property damage expenses 

Another type of expense umbrella insurance can provide coverage for is property damage expenses. If you cause damage to another party’s property in your automobile and the property damage goes beyond your auto insurance coverage limits, your umbrella coverage kicks in.

Legal protection in the event of a lawsuit

It’s important that consumers don’t underestimate how expensive legal representation can be as a result of a lawsuit. If you get sued, your umbrella insurance coverage can cover the costs of hiring a lawyer to defend you. 

Legal expenses add up quickly, so this makes investing in umbrella insurance an especially good idea. Hiring an experienced lawyer to protect you in a lawsuit situation gives you peace of mind and ensures the best possible outcome for you. 

Ask us any questions you have about your umbrella insurance options and what umbrella insurance covers at ALLConnecticut Insurance. We’re happy to assist West Hartford, CT consumers with meeting their umbrella insurance coverage needs.