Benefits of Renters Insurance in Connecticut

Whether you rent property to live in or to conduct business, renters insurance gives you peace of mind. You can rest easy knowing that you can replace your personal or business property if an accident occurs, or if a covered peril prevents you from occupying your rental.

Private Residents …

Protects You If Someone Gets Hurt In Your Home

Property owners often have insurance coverage for their buildings. This coverage often extends to areas accessible to the general public. If someone gets hurt in a private area, such as inside your apartment home or a garage that your rent, you might be liable to pay damages. Renters insurance can pay for these expenses.

Replaces Your Belongings

If there’s an accident that causes you to lose your things, you can get money to replace them. This includes losses caused by natural disasters such as storms or fires, and losses due to theft or vandalism.

Pays For a Temporary Home

Also, if a covered disaster forces you to leave your leased home, renter’s insurance pays for the cost of your temporary home. It pays the rent while you wait for your landlord to complete repairs on your home.

Business Owners …

Protects You From Lawsuits

If you’re a business owner, you might be liable for incidences on your property. Your liability depends on the terms of your lease and your agreement with the landlord. Where the incident occurs also has an impact on who’s liable. Get liability protection for anything that’s not outlined in your lease or a written agreement. You can protect yourself from lawsuits when accidents occur in areas for which you are responsible. This includes private parking lots that you maintain and inside of your buildings.

Examples of incidents for which you might need liability protection include the following:

  • A customer or business associate gets hurt while on your rental property
  • Your customer, guest or employee damages the rental property
  • Your equipment damages the rental property

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Is it legal insurance company to deny loss for a totaled car?

Each state has different regulations that apply to insurance companies. However, it is possible for a company to deny a claim for a damaged or totaled vehicle.

Policy violations

Insurance companies have requirements in place when it comes to filing a claim. You are normally allowed a certain amount of time to report an accident. If you fail to report the damage within the time frame, your claim could be denied.

You may be required to file a police report and provide a copy of the report to the company. If your vehicle is stolen, you must make the required report to the police within the insurance company’s time frame. Failure to cooperate can lead to a claim denial.

Other potential problems may come from providing your insurance company with misleading information. Your premiums are based on the answers you give to the company’s questions. If you provide the company with the wrong information about where your car is garaged or parked, it could effect your claim.

Depending on your state laws, you could also be denied a claim if you allow an unlicensed driver to operate your vehicle or commit other driving violations.


If an insurance provider investigates your claim and finds fraud, you claim will probably be denied. For example, if you set fire to your car you would be guilty of arson. The company would not have to pay your claim. If you were found to have intentionally caused an accident, the company could also deny your claim.

You should look over your auto insurance policy closely to understand what exclusions may apply to your claim. ALLConnecticut Insurance is an independent insurance agency and we are available to answer any questions you have. When you work with us, you can even compare insurance quotes online. Talk to an independent agent today.

Insurance Coverages available in Wethersfield, CT

You probably already know that you need to get fully covered with several types of insurance in Wethersfeild, CT, but you may not know exactly what is available to you. This article will discuss two of the different insurance types that most people in the Wethersfeild area choose to get.

Auto Insurance

This is an insurance coverage that you are legally required to have as a Connecticut driver. The cheapest option is to go with only liability coverage, however this is not full coverage. Liability coverage will protect other people if you are responsible for an accident in which they are injured or their vehicle is damaged. To make sure that you are also covered personally, you need to get two other types of coverage: Collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. Collision will take care of car repairs for your own vehicle that are needed due to a collision. Comprehensive insurance will take care of auto repairs that are needed for circumstances that are "other than collision," for example hail damage that happened while your car was parked overnight.

Home Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance is an insurance coverage that is almost always required by mortgage lenders. Your homeowner’s insurance will cover your house and everything inside it, and will help you to replace, repair, or rebuild if your home meets with any type of disasters or damage. Home insurance typically covers natural disasters like fires, but it also covers circumstances like burglary. Each homeowner’s policy may be unique to the person who holds it, so you can work with your agent to get the right coverage for you.

Don’t put yourself at risk by remaining uninsured. Our independent agents are here to provide you with quotes for free! Use our easy quote comparison tool online to make sure that you get plenty of choices when you are selecting your new insurance policy.

Insurance Agents for Home Insurance in CT

Finding a home insurance policy that is appropriate for your goals can be complicated, especially if you have a busy schedule and do not have the time to personally compare a variety of companies. That is where insurance agents can help you find the plan that is appropriate for your goals.

Agents Compare the Options

Working with an agent allows you to compare your options quickly and find quotes to a variety of different companies without wasting time or effort. The agent offers a variety of options to you.

By working with an agent, you can quickly find the best rates based on your personal goals. An agent can also start looking for coverage that meets or exceeds your personal preferences so that you can avoid wasting time trying to narrow down the choices.

Answering Questions

Another benefit of hiring an agent to help you find the home insurance policy that you need is the opportunity to avoid confusion. An agent is available when it fits your schedule, so you can ask questions and get answers in a timely manner, regardless of the time. You can find out about the details that you may find confusing or get explanations about terminology so that you are fully aware of the coverage that you are considering.

An agent is available when you need answers. It helps you keep your goals in mind and ensures that you will never end up with less coverage than you need.

There are a variety of reasons that you may want to work with an agent to find a policy that is appropriate for your house. Depending on your goals and preferences, the best agent for your needs may vary. Contact us to talk to an agent for more information today.