Insurance Coverages available in Wethersfield, CT

You probably already know that you need to get fully covered with several types of insurance in Wethersfeild, CT, but you may not know exactly what is available to you. This article will discuss two of the different insurance types that most people in the Wethersfeild area choose to get.

Auto Insurance

This is an insurance coverage that you are legally required to have as a Connecticut driver. The cheapest option is to go with only liability coverage, however this is not full coverage. Liability coverage will protect other people if you are responsible for an accident in which they are injured or their vehicle is damaged. To make sure that you are also covered personally, you need to get two other types of coverage: Collision insurance and comprehensive insurance. Collision will take care of car repairs for your own vehicle that are needed due to a collision. Comprehensive insurance will take care of auto repairs that are needed for circumstances that are "other than collision," for example hail damage that happened while your car was parked overnight.

Home Insurance

Homeowner’s insurance is an insurance coverage that is almost always required by mortgage lenders. Your homeowner’s insurance will cover your house and everything inside it, and will help you to replace, repair, or rebuild if your home meets with any type of disasters or damage. Home insurance typically covers natural disasters like fires, but it also covers circumstances like burglary. Each homeowner’s policy may be unique to the person who holds it, so you can work with your agent to get the right coverage for you.

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