Your Vehicle is Damaged by Water – Who Pays?

The recent disaster caused by Hurricane Matthew reminds us all that water is a powerful force, which can cause major damage. For those who own vehicles that could be damaged by severe rains, mud slides, flood, or hurricanes, insurance coverage needs to be in place to cover this risk. The staff at All Connecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT recommend that everyone check their insurance policies for the proper type of insurance to cover water damage to vehicles caused by severe weather.

Imagine these scenarios:

  1. High winds cause a tree branch to break, which lands on your vehicle’s windshield breaking the glass and allowing rain water to fill up the interior.
  2. You are driving across a small bridge and the river water washes the bridge away taking your vehicle with it.
  3. Your house is not in a flood zone; however being the careful person you are, you were smart enough to get flood insurance anyway. A "one-hundred year" event happens, which means the area floods for the first time in over one-hundred years. The house becomes flooded and your car is completely under water.
  4. You go away for vacation and we you get back your car is buried under a mud slide.
  5. You park on the street near a lake, river, or beach. The water rises and covers your car.

These are just a few of the common scenarios, which may cause water damage to your car. Whether you have insurance coverage depends on the type of insurance you have. Luckily, you do not have to figure this out alone. The risk you have depends on many factors and how close any major water source is to where you keep the vehicle most of the time. Severe weather is something to take very seriously because it is increasing. Check with your agent at All Connecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT  to make sure you have adequate coverage for weather and water damage.

5 Things That Might Bring Your Insurance Rates Down

There are quite a few variables when it comes to what you’re going to pay each month for your car insurance. Different insurers offer different discounts for different things, and you might not qualify for this or that discount based on certain factors. But, there are a number of things that you can do that will, generally speaking, bring your rates down no matter who you’re buying from, be it ALLConnecticut Insurance or some national brand:

Take Advanced Driving Courses

Attendance of advanced driving courses is often used as an alternative to paying the full price of a traffic ticket, or even doing some jail time. If you agree to advanced driving courses as part of a deal with the judge, it might not help your insurance rates all that much. But, if you complete advanced courses voluntarily, it looks very good on your record.

Bring Your Grades Up

Insurance tends to be a little pricier for young drivers simply because you haven’t had much time to prove yourself a safe driver yet. But, if you’re still in high school or college, you may be able to get a better deal by keeping a good GPA, proving that you’re a responsible person.

Ask About Their Discounts

Just ask, see what you qualify for, or what you could easily qualify for with a little effort.

Buy The Right Car

A Ferrari is going to raise a lot of red flags with most insurers. There are specialty insurers who will cut you a break on flashier autos, but modest, low-profile cars are usually cheaper to cover.

Maintain Good Credit

As with keeping your grades up, you’re simply showing that you’re a responsible person.