Preparing your boats for the hurricane season

Having a boat can mean a lot of lazy days on the water, or a lot of jetting around, fishing, playing, and just having a fun time. Unfortunately, boating isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes it’s also a lot of maintenance. When hurricane season is approaching, you also need to consider boat insurance that will protect you in the face of danger. You might not be able to save your boat, but you could stop yourself from taking a hit financially if the boat is destroyed or badly damaged in a storm.

While most people who live in places like West Hartford and Marlborough probably don’t think much about hurricanes, Connecticut is not immune to these powerful storms. When hurricanes do hit the Connecticut area that tend to do a lot of damage simply because people aren’t used to them and don’t really know how they should prepare. Many homes are damaged, and many boats are lost, when storms come up the coast. You can save your boat, though, or at least make sure that you won’t be financially damaged. Make sure you bring your boat into dry dock if you can, instead of just tying it up at the dock. Simply securing the boat in its slip won’t be enough protection.

Of course, not everyone has dry docking options. They can be expensive, and they can be difficult to do with a very large boat. If you can’t bring your boat to a safe location, you can moor it strongly and make sure you don’t leave anything on the boat that can cause additional damage beyond the problems caused by the hurricane. You can also come in and talk to us before hurricane season arrives. As an independent agent, we can take a look at the policies from several different companies and find you the best choice to protect your boat.

What factors are considered while underwriting a life insurance policy?

The underwriting of a life insurance policy is serious business. You want to make sure that you’re getting everything you need to protect your family if you pass away. At the same time, you don’t want to get a huge amount of life insurance if it’s not really needed. At that point, you’d just be wasting money paying high premiums. There are several different types of life insurance you can buy, and it’s best to ask your independent agent about the types of policies and the companies that offer them before you make a decision.

Whether you’re in Marlborough, West Hartford, or elsewhere in Connecticut, there will be specific factors that will play a role in underwriting when it comes to your life insurance policy. One of the primary considerations is your age. The older you are, the more likely you will be to pass away, statistically. Because of that, life insurance for people who are older is higher than the same amount and type of insurance for people who are younger. Usually, there are age brackets that are used, and when a person moves from one bracket to another the insurance premiums will rise.

Other factors for your life insurance are whether you have health conditions and whether you smoke. Both of these matter, and it’s very important that you’re up front and honest. If you pass away and it comes out that you lied on your life insurance, the company may not be obligated to pay the benefits to your survivors. You don’t want to risk that for a few dollars difference in the monthly premiums on your insurance policy. Where you live generally doesn’t affect your life insurance, but how you live can. Things like your weight and the results of a physical examination may be factors in your policy premium, as well.

What to Do In Case of An Accident Without Having Car Insurance?

Not having car insurance in Connecticut is a serious matter. However, sometimes instances arise where you might be involved in an auto accident and not have proper coverage. Here are three things to keep in mind if you find yourself in this circumstance.

#1: If You Are Not "At Fault" for an Accident

Connecticut is one of many states that is considered "at fault" state. This means that the party responsible for an accident is the one that is generally financially responsible. If you get into an accident where it appears that the other driver is 100% at fault, then their insurance company will be handling the whole process. In this case, not having insurance will most likely not affect you at all. However, be warned that sometimes insurance companies place shared responsibility on both parties, which will change this a bit.

#2: If You Are "At Fault" for an Accident (But the Other Driver Had Insurance)

If the accident was your fault, then you might run into problems with not having insurance. If the other driver was insured, they have the option of going through their own insurance carrier to get damages and/or medical bills paid for. Their insurance carrier will then sue you for the damages that they paid for on your behalf. This can often lead to garnished wages and/or other financial difficulties on your behalf.

#3: If You Are "At Fault" for an Accident (And the Other Driver Had No Insurance)

If the other driver had no insurance, but you were still the responsible party for the accident, then paying out of pocket is the only option. This can happen where you pay directly for the damages. Or, this can also mean that they pay for the damages themselves and hire a lawyer to help reclaim their funds from you through the court system.

In any case, driving without insurance is a serious matter. Paying a small monthly premium is a lot less of a financial burden than possibly being sued or having to miss work to make court appointments. Speak with your Marlborough or West Hartford independent agent today about securing your policy.

How to find affordable kit car insurance in Marlborough, Connecticut?

Kit car builders often wonder how to get the best policies to cover their classic kit cars, which often don’t seem to fit into traditional auto insurance policies. Here’s a few tips for Marlborough, Connecticut residents to find the best kit car insurance for them.

First, talk to an independent agent like us to compare quotes and get an idea of what to expect in a kit car policy. We can tell you about the types of policies available and get comparison quotes for you to help you make the right decision.

Here are a few other steps to find your kit car insurance policy:

1. Get your car appraised. This information will be vital when you go to apply for insurance for your kit car, because you want to make sure your vehicle is covered for everything it’s worth.

2. Consider insurance companies that specialize in kit car insurance, and talk to independent agents about your options. They’ll be familiar with working with these unique situations and have a solid idea of how to get you the best deal.

3. Compare policies. Look at more than just your monthly out of pocket insurance premium. By taking into account the various features of the policies you’re considering, you’ll be able to make a smart decision and choose between plans.

4. Get quotes. Those in the Marlborough and West Hartford areas of Connecticut have access to a variety of independent agents that can give them quotes on potential policies. Get all the information you can before making your decision!

As your local independent insurance agent, we’d love to help you find the best policy to cover your classic kit car. Give us a call and let us do some of the research for you!