Preparing your boats for the hurricane season

Having a boat can mean a lot of lazy days on the water, or a lot of jetting around, fishing, playing, and just having a fun time. Unfortunately, boating isn’t all fun and games. Sometimes it’s also a lot of maintenance. When hurricane season is approaching, you also need to consider boat insurance that will protect you in the face of danger. You might not be able to save your boat, but you could stop yourself from taking a hit financially if the boat is destroyed or badly damaged in a storm.

While most people who live in places like West Hartford and Marlborough probably don’t think much about hurricanes, Connecticut is not immune to these powerful storms. When hurricanes do hit the Connecticut area that tend to do a lot of damage simply because people aren’t used to them and don’t really know how they should prepare. Many homes are damaged, and many boats are lost, when storms come up the coast. You can save your boat, though, or at least make sure that you won’t be financially damaged. Make sure you bring your boat into dry dock if you can, instead of just tying it up at the dock. Simply securing the boat in its slip won’t be enough protection.

Of course, not everyone has dry docking options. They can be expensive, and they can be difficult to do with a very large boat. If you can’t bring your boat to a safe location, you can moor it strongly and make sure you don’t leave anything on the boat that can cause additional damage beyond the problems caused by the hurricane. You can also come in and talk to us before hurricane season arrives. As an independent agent, we can take a look at the policies from several different companies and find you the best choice to protect your boat.