How to Switch RV Insurance Companies in West Hartford, CT

Recreational vehicles are one of the best ways to traverse the country, especially if you want to spend some time in the flyover states instead of choosing to forget that they exist. RV insurance is a specialized type of vehicle insurance due to the fact that RVs are not typically used all year round, they contain a significant amount of personal assets, and they’re generally high priced vehicles.

If you find a better deal on RV insurance, it’s best to know how the change insurance provider process works. The first step in the process is to shop around for another insurance provider. You also want to look at the existing RV insurance policy you hold to determine whether your company has an early termination fee. It’s possible to get this waived if you talk with your insurance company, or if you see if your new insurance company will cover the termination fee for you.

Don’t cancel your policy with the original insurance company until you have a solid policy in place with the new company. Establish the coverage dates so that you overlap the ending of the first policy with the establishment of the second. Do not, under any circumstances, allow your first policy to expire prior to the first coverage date of your new RV insurance.

Need help when you’re changing your insurance provider? Get in touch with us for a free online quote that shows you how your existing RV insurance stacks up with other options. Make sure that you’re following the proper procedure to switch your insurance provider before opting to go with the better option. We’ll be happy to guide you through the process.