What discounts are available on Automobile Insurance Policy?

Insurance rates and premiums are calculated based on many risk factors. These risk factors range from your credit score to the color of car that you drive. Each risk factor has been studied to determine what type of effect it has on insurance claims and payouts. Sometimes this results in your premiums being higher, but it also benefits you in areas where you have low risk.

One of the easiest ways to get a discount on your automobile insurance policy is to have multiple insurance policies under one. If you need to insure other family member vehicles, your house, or even your life, going through the same company gets you a multi-policy discount in most cases. If you’re in school, some insurance companies offer better rates on your automobile insurance policy for better grades.

A good credit score nets you discounts on your premium as well, as bad credit scores have been shown to produce higher amounts of claims on policies. Safe driving habits are another area where you benefit financially. If you have gone a certain amount of time without an accident or moving violation, your premium also drops. Some insurance companies provide tracking boxes that provide additional discounts for confirming that you practice safe driving habits throughout your entire day, such as staying within the speed limits.

Staying away from high horsepower vehicles is another way to get a discount. Now there’s one advantage to choosing the minivan over the souped up Mustang. Age is also tied into your insurance rates. For many insurance companies, passing age 25 gets you a discount as you’re considered an older, more experienced driver.