What information about my home do I need to know when purchasing home insurance?

Purchasing home insurance is an important part of protecting your assets, but it can also mean that you need to keep some information ready before you start searching. Depending on your situation, the house and your financial goals, the amount of coverage and the right type of policy for your needs may vary.

Rebuilding or Replacement Costs

The worst case scenario for any homeowner is a total loss of property during a storm or fire. Nobody wants to discover that their insurance policy does not have enough funds to rebuild after a fire, so it is important to learn about the cost of rebuilding the property. You may even want to purchase enough coverage to replace the property in the event of a total loss. The market value of the property can help ensure that your coverage is appropriate.

Materials Used on the Property

Some houses can have antique or natural materials that are more expensive to replace if they are damaged. It is important to recognize the type of property so that you can get appropriate coverage if you need to make repairs or rebuild in the future.

Basic Information

Any basic information related to the property, such as the total square footage and the size of the lot, are important for the process of insuring your home. You want to make sure that the coverage will protect all your property, not just the house and part of the yard. That means you need to know the size of the lot, the square footage of the house and any other details that may be necessary for coverage.

Protecting your property may mean that you will need to provide some basic information about your house. Contact us to talk to an agent to learn more about your coverage options.