When Does My Auto Insurance Policy Need Updating?

You may be totally satisfied with your current auto insurance policy, but there are some life events that need to be considered when you decide to make any changes or updates to your auto insurance. 

In West Hartford, CT, the team at ALLConnecticut Insurance is ready and available to help residents determine when they need to make a change to their existing insurance plan. 

A few reasons to update your auto insurance policy:

1. Adding a new driver

Your child has turned 16, passed her driver’s license test, and is ready to hit the streets. Not so fast! Make sure you add her to your insurance policy before she skips out the door with keys in hand. 

2. When you buy a new car

Congrats… You got a new car!

This means it’s time to call your insurance agent and let him know you need to add your fancy new vehicle to your insurance policy. Don’t get caught driving around town in your new wheels without proper insurance. That’s a ticket you don’t want to bring home! 

3. When you sell a vehicle 

Similar to purchasing a vehicle, selling a car means you are no longer driving it, and shouldn’t be paying insurance on it. 

4. Upgrading or downgrading coverage

Whether you’re finally getting one of your children off your insurance policy, removing a vehicle, or any other change, upgrading and downgrading coverage is a simple enough task for your agent to complete. 

As you can see, there are so many reasons why you may be in a good place to update your auto insurance policy. Contact ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT and we’ll be happy to overview your plan and determine what’s next.