What kinds of losses does a typical auto insurance policy cover?

Auto insurance policies can be customized to cover many different situations depending on the needs of the driver. Some common areas of loss are accidents and collisions, theft, weather damage, vandalism, and liability from lawsuits by injured drivers. ALLConnecticut Insurance serves the West Hartford, CT area with all of these kinds of coverage and policies that work for all kinds of motorists. 

Losses that drivers may experience during the course of any given year

The most obvious source of losses and vehicle damage is an accident. When a driver gets in an accident, they need to report it to the insurance provider so that they will be covered in case the victim files a lawsuit or they need to make a claim under their collision coverage to make property repairs. Especially in cases where drivers have a new or expensive vehicle, they will want to be able to make repairs as quickly as possible and get back on the road.

Crime is also a reality of living in many parts of the United States. Cars are broken into, stolen, and vandalized every day. If this should happen, your car insurance policy will cover losses due to legitimate crimes. 

Inclement weather causes all kinds of property damage. Wind, rain, snow, and ice can all damage vehicles when the weather gets very bad at certain times of the year. Because the weather is out of the vehicle owner’s control, it is best to prepare for these potential losses with the right insurance policy. 

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