Three things to know about protecting yourself from liabilities with home insurance

One of the most important functions of home insurance in West Hartford, CT is to protect homeowners from financial liabilities. Home insurance policies offered by ALLConnecticut Insurance provide liability coverage to protect policyholders from the costs of a lawsuit resulting from an injury or damage to the possessions of another individual on their property.

The following are three things homeowners should know about protecting themselves from liabilities with home insurance. 

Liability coverage typically covers both bodily injury and property damage. 

Home insurance covers numerous types of liabilities for policyholders. Policies provide coverage if an individual becomes physically injured on the property of the policyholder. Policies also provide coverage for situations where an individual’s property becomes damaged on the property of the policyholder. 

A typical home insurance policy will offer a policy limit of $100,000 for liability coverage. 

It’s typically standard for home insurance to provide $100,000 in liability coverage. However, many homeowners don’t feel secure with only this limited amount of coverage and wish to add more liability coverage on to their home insurance policy. 

Homeowners typically have the option of adding on more liability protection through added coverage or an umbrella policy. 

Homeowners who want more liability coverage than a standard policy offers should discuss their coverage needs with a representative from their insurance coverage. 

Home insurance providers typically offer higher liability coverage limits for an additional cost. Alternatively, some providers offer umbrella insurance that provides coverage in excess of a policy holder’s other insurance policy limits. 

If you’d like to learn more about liability coverage on your property in West Hartford, CT, contact us at ALLConnecticut Insurance.