What will happen if you Fail to Carry Proof of Insurance in Connecticut?

It is widely known that POI or Proof of Insurance are all kinds of documentation that a driver can demonstrate so as to prove that he/she is legally insured with an insurance company. It usually is in a paper- card form with information on the validity dates and is shown upon a law enforcement official’s request. Any failure to show proof that you are legally insured by an insurance company, while driving within the jurisdiction of Connecticut might get you in serious trouble. Your vehicle’s registration risks the chance to be either delayed or denied. Many drivers have seen their licenses being revoked and it is a complex procedure to prove that you actually have purchased your insurance but don’t carry it with you at the time of the inspection. What is more, you can get a traffic ticket in Connecticut, if you don’t find your insurance ID card, thus provide proof of being insured. Moreover, you can get your plates suspended as well when ordered to pull over in Connecticut and fail to provide solid evidence of your vehicle’s insurance. All the above situations usually end up in a court room, where you should appear with the card ID to prove that you DID have insurance in force when you were pulled over, and that means that you both lose time and get into ugly situations. However, technology has once again proven useful and has come up with a solution to this problem. The suggested solution’s name is Electronic Proof of Insurance and there have been several states that have adopted or have started forwarding the electronic ID insurance card. Apart from the new proposed method, it is strongly advised to purchase a full year’s insurance instead of a 6-month once, so that you don’t jeopardize getting suspended again.