How Combining Home and Auto Insurance Policies in Connecticut Can Save You Money

Are you looking to save money on your Connecticut home and auto insurance policies? One of the best ways in which you can save money is by combining both of the policies and using the same insurance company .

Why do insurers give discounts when you combine policies? The answer is really quite simple. When you add another policy to an existing one, you’re bring in more money for them; it’s cheaper to provide more services to an current customer than to go out and find a new one.

You’ll also save them money when it comes to paperwork and the employee whom they pay to handle the paperwork. While it may not seem like they save that much, as more customers are combining their home and auto policies, the greater the savings the company will see. And because of that, they are willing to pass the savings on to you.

In addition to saving money with the discounts that the insurance company gives you, you’ll be able to better budget your money and save time by making fewer payments and dealing with fewer people. If you pay your premiums annually, you can set aside 1/12 of your payment in a savings account each month so that you just have to write one check. You’ll benefit from earning interest on the money throughout the year, and you only need to worry about that single payment.

If your policies are currently with two different companies, and you have low premiums, you should still work with your local West Hartford independent agent to see just how much money you’ll save by combing your home and auto policies with the same insurer. Contact us today to find out how much you could save this year!