What Happens If There Are Multiple Drivers: RV Insurance

There are many reasons to purchase recreational vehicle insurance. These reasons may resonate with many individuals that are taking longer summer trips or have invested in RV living. However, what if there are multiple drivers for your RV?

Knowing what to do when there are multiple RV drivers is important. Even if you are planning a 27-hour trip from the Florida Keys to Maine or a trip specific to a camping ground in California. No matter your journey, it is possible to make the proper choice concerning RV insurance. Before driving out of the West Hartford, CT area or in any areas that we serve, contact ALLConnecticut Insurance with your questions pertaining to RV insurance.

Multiple Drivers

There are many conditions when you may experience having additional drivers. For example, you made me turn sure other drivers for your RV if you are renting, using your RV on a full-time basis, or if you are financing your recreational vehicle.

There are individual categories of recreational vehicles that you should be mindful of. As an important note, recreational vehicle requirements for each class may be unique in your region. There are a total 10 basic types that are on the road today, is there clear the following:

  • Classic recreational vehicles such as Air-Stream trailers
  • Campers that are pop-ups
  • Modern travel trailers (Models that are seven years old and newer)
  • tiny or small trailers
  • Tear-drop shape campers
  • Towable campers (with fifth wheel)
  • The trio subgroups A, B & C (motorhomes)
  • Toy haulers

Additionally, it is essential to be comfortable with the essentials of each RV class. This is because if you are looking for RV insurance and have multiple drivers, knowing the type of RV that you have will help make the search easier.

Depending on your area, you may need insurance for multiple drivers if your recreational vehicle falls in the category or classes of A, B, & C motorhomes. This is because they are drivable recreational vehicles they are not towed by automobile or truck. If you are in the West Hartford, CT area, do not hesitate to contact ALLConnecticut Insurance.