What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

If you have invested your time, money, and hard work into getting a business off the ground, you will most certainly want to protect your business in any way you can. The best way to provide protection for your business is to have a commercial insurance policy in place and the agents at ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT can assist you with that since they have plenty of knowledge and experience when it comes to commercial insurance policies.

Connecticut Commercial Insurance Requirements

In Connecticut, you must have commercial auto insurance in place for all vehicles that are owned by your business and operated for use with your business. You should also ensure that all other vehicles that are used for your business have at least liability commercial auto insurance in place also.

If you have employees, you should also have a worker’s compensation insurance program in place in the event someone is injured on the job. You will also want to have liability insurance for your business that covers customers or others who may become hurt at your business or because of an incident that happens involving your business.

Other Coverage Options

A property insurance policy is important to have in place for your business since it will cover a theft incident or break-in of your business as well as damages or losses that are the result of a fire, natural disaster, or vandalism.

To determine which commercial insurance coverage options are best for you and your business, you should enlist the help of an experienced commercial insurance agent. The agents at ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT are ready to assist you with all of your commercial insurance needs. Call for an appointment today!