Three of the best features of umbrella insurance

Do you worry about facing severe financial problems if you are hit with an expensive lawsuit? If so, investing in an umbrella insurance policy is a good idea. At ALLConnecticut Insurance, we are a provider of umbrella insurance. Consumers in West Hartford, CT can rely on us for the needed coverage.

When you buy umbrella insurance, you should familiarize yourself with all the features this type of insurance can offer. Here are three of the best features of umbrella insurance. 

Worldwide coverage

While some types of insurance are limited in terms of the geographical areas they cover, umbrella insurance usually offers worldwide coverage. This makes umbrella insurance a great type of insurance to carry if you travel abroad frequently.

You can avoid stress while traveling if you know that your umbrella insurance will protect you wherever you go. 

Coverage for the costs of your legal defense

If you are faced with a lawsuit, your legal costs could be one of the highest costs you face. Fortunately, umbrella insurance can be relied upon to pay for legal representation if you become embroiled in a lawsuit. 

Coverage amount options

Umbrella insurance is sold in various coverage amount increments. You can choose how much coverage to buy by considering your net worth.

Most umbrella insurance providers sell umbrella insurance in increments of $1 million. In general, it is recommended that policyholders carry enough umbrella insurance to cover the total value of their net worth. 

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