You Can Save Gas and Money With These Driving Ideas

Saving money and gas takes more than driving around town to find the lowest prices. In fact, you probably spend more gas than you think using that method. There are, however, some great ways to save gas and money in the process. Follow these tips for better fuel efficiency as well as saving money by filling up less often. 

  • Get regular maintenance. When you keep up with the regular maintenance on your car, like getting regular oil changes and filter changes, you are really keeping your car as fuel efficient as possible. Making a point to stay on top of these regular maintenance issues will keep your car functioning to the best of its ability and will save you money in gas in the long run.
  • Upgrade to a newer car. If you have an older car or one that is over 10 years old, then it is time to get a new car. This is not just so you can get a better looking car but because newer vehicles are much more fuel efficient which means that will save you more on gas over the long run. Do yourself a favor and get a newer car that will get you further per tank of gas.
  • Drive with care. For people who like to drive by accelerating fast and breaking just as quickly, there is a lot more money spent on gas. That is because these actions alone can use up to 33 percent more fuel on the highway and 5 percent more in the city. Slow it down and drive with more care to go farther on a tank of gas.

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