Recreational Coverage You May Need While Vacationing

You must seek adequate insurance coverage if you plan to drive a recreational vehicle during your next vacation. Use the guidelines below to acquire sufficient coverage from ALLConnecticut Insurance.

Recreational Coverage

Recreational coverage protects vehicles, watercraft, and recreational equipment. The list below includes some of the items that need to be insured.

  • Travel trailers
  • Off-road vehicles
  • Personal watercraft


Before you purchase an insurance policy, consider the use value of the item you will be insuring. If you are going to drive a recreational vehicle throughout your vacation, for instance, you may need to purchase a full-coverage insurance policy.

This type of product will provide liability protection and personal loss protection. It will also protect against collisions, theft, vandalism, and acts of nature.

Frequency Of Use

The frequency you use a recreational vehicle or equipment may influence the coverage you need. Consider how often you will use the item you want to buy insurance for. If you leave your recreational vehicle parked in one spot for a long duration, you may only need to invest in a basic insurance policy.


It is important to review insurance products and the coverage that they provide. This process will allow you to select the correct type of insurance for your personal needs. If you purchase new recreational equipment in the future, you should plan on reviewing recreational insurance products again.

Contact ALLConnecticut Insurance

Seek adequate coverage for your recreational vehicles and equipment. Contact an agent who serves West Hartford, CT. An ALLConnecticut Insurance agent who serves West Hartford, CT, will consult with you about the available recreational coverage.