Do You Need Recreational Vehicle Insurance for ATVs?

An ATV, or all terrain vehicle, is used to get across a variety of spaces ranging from woods to open fields. Although they are generally a safe way to get around in rural areas or farms, they can also pose risks to riders. So, is recreational vehicle insurance necessary for anyone who rides an ATV?

ATV Coverage

Owners of ATVs are highly encouraged to purchase recrational vehicle insurance to help protect from injury and accidents that can happen at any time while riding and from theft when they are parked or loaded on a trailer. Recreational vehicle insurance coverage works much like auto insurance because it provides accident and liability protection for a variety of items such as ATVs and even jet skis. Each policy is different and can be tailored to fit the policyholder’s specific needs. 

Working WIth A Knowledgeable Insurance Agent

Anyone who wants to purchase recreational vehicle insurance for their ATV should work with an agent with extensive experience providing insurance products for similar situations. They can help ATV owners discover policies that can provide just the right amount of coverage and make the selection process quick and easy. People who live in and around the West Hartford, CT area should speak with an agent at ALLConnecticut Insurance to find out how they can help them get reliable ATV insurance coverage. 

Don’t risk riding an ATV without insurance coverage. ALLConnecticut Insurance can help the residents around the West Hartford, CT area finds the right policy to give them peace of mind while riding. Call or stop by the office today for additional details and answers to any questions. 

Commercial Insurance Protects Your Business

Workers Compensation insurance is the only required commercial insurance for businesses within the state of Connecticut. That leaves liability insurance up to the business owner. At ALLConnecticut Insurance, we strongly recommend that business owners consider the potential risk to their commercial property and how that can impact their personal assets as well. This is especially true for construction businesses or for those who work regularly with the public. Liability insurance is available at a variety of levels to meet the needs of your business. Some kinds of coverage include:

  • Bodily injury
  • Personal injury
  • Property damage including data loss
  • Professional liability, also known as errors and omissions insurance

One common mistake we see among West Hartford, CT business owners is the notion that general liability will cover their own damages in the event of any kind of incident. The fact is, general liability will cover the damages to another party, but not to the business owner themselves. Making sure that such damages are covered is pretty important. Business Owner Policies (or BOP’s) are the extension of coverage to include damages the business owner incurs as a result of an accident or another event. Here at AllConnecticut Insurance, we can help business owners understand these differences. Business owners can then protect their revenue and assets so that they can continue to build success in their commercial endeavors. 

Our agents have access to the latest policies and can assist you in finding the insurance that will protect your business and assets. We’d be happy to sit down with commercial owners throughout the West Hartford, CT area to discuss coverage options. We’ll help you sign up and you can have the peace of mind that will let you focus on your business. Contact us today.

Spring Cleaning Your Car

As the weather begins to warm up and the trees and flowers burst with new life, many people feel the need to complete various cleaning and organizing tasks. Try following these steps for spring cleaning your car, courtesy of ALLConnecticut Insurance serving the West Hartford, CT area.

Declutter and Organize

You might have a bunch of miscellaneous clutter like papers in your car. Get rid of all that by placing items in the trash or recycling them. Declutter areas like your trunk and glove box by removing items you do not need. Tidy up all the items you do keep in your car. You will be surprised at how much decluttering and organizing improves the look and feel of your vehicle.

Complete Routine Maintenance

Spring is a great time to complete various routine maintenance tasks for your car, such as an oil change, tire rotation, and tuneup. Also, fill your windshield wiper fluid, and make sure the wipers are in great working condition. Keeping your vehicle maintained helps to keep you safe and helps to keep your vehicle in great working order.

Do a Deep Cleaning

Your car might be rather dirty from a winter’s worth of snow, ice and road salt. So it’s time to either take it to the car wash or give it a bath yourself. Make sure you thoroughly wash both the interior and exterior. Also, vacuum all seats and flooring areas.

When you spring clean your car, you are getting ready to face the upcoming warmer weather in style and comfort. You will also be protecting your investment in your vehicle by keeping it in excellent condition. If you need information about car cleaning, maintenance or insurance, feel free to get in touch with ALLConnecticut Insurance serving the West Hartford, CT area.

When You Need to Have Home Insurance

Buying a new home is always a big decision. When you purchase a home, you are not only giving yourself a consistent place to live but are also making a major investment. The best way that you can protect this investment is by getting a home insurance policy. There are several situations when you need to have home insurance in place at all times.

When You Need to Protects Against Big Losses

The main reason why you need to have home insurance in place at all times is that it will help to protect against a variety of big losses. If your home is damaged by a fire, bad weather, or other types of casualty, it can be very hard to make the necessary repairs and replacements out of pocket. Fortunately, your home insurance provider will step up to cover you in these situations. Additionally, you will receive liability insurance protection that could cover you if you are sued by someone that is injured while at your home.

When You Need to Comply with Agreements

Another reason why you need to make sure that you have home insurance in place at all times is that it will help you to comply with a variety of agreements. If you have taken out a mortgage to buy your home, your bank will make it a requirement that you carry home insurance at all times during the term of your loan. Also, if you live in a condo association, the association documents will also require that you carry home insurance.

When you are looking for home insurance for your West Hartford CT area home, you should contact the team at ALLConnecticut Insurance. The professionals at AllConnecticut Insurance can help a West Hartford CT homeowner better determine their home insurance needs and then get them into a good policy. 

Outdoor and Recreation Coverage: Insuring Your Adventure-Based Business

Business owners in West Hartford, CT who are involved in the outdoor recreation industry require special insurance coverage. Whether you rent sports equipment to tourists or provide guide services, your current insurance plan may not offer all of the protection you need. ALLConnecticut Insurance carries a variety of business policies, including outdoor and recreation coverage for adventure-based businesses. What can these policies do for you that traditional liability coverage can’t?

  • Operate an ATV rental service? You may be liable for injury or damage caused by your rental equipment, even if you aren’t there when the accident occurs. Outdoor and recreation coverage, in addition to your commercial auto insurance package, ensures that you have the funds to cover any possible financial liabilities.
  • Gun ranges are a popular pastime for families and active individuals. Protect your interests from accidents or malicious intent with an active outdoor and recreation insurance policy. Your policy will also cover your food courts, indoor activity areas, and instructors.
  • The areas around West Hartford, CT are perfect for fishing, hunting, and other game-related sports. Get your guide service covered to ensure that any accidents don’t ruin your ability to make a living.
  • Tour guides who use jeeps and other motorized vehicles to transport their clients need more than commercial auto insurance to protect their interests. An outdoor and recreation policy is the best way to protect your clients, equipment, and your own life.
  • RV parks often become second homes for outdoor enthusiasts. However, some guests don’t know how to treat the property of others. When the damage goes beyond what your other insurance policies can cover, your outdoor and recreation coverage can help pay for repairs.

 Contact ALLConnecticut Insurance for more information on protecting your adventure-based business with outdoor and recreation coverage.


What is Umbrella Insurance?

Sometimes one general insurance policy is just not enough. In the event that you get sued for an exorbitant amount of money, an umbrella insurance policy could save you from financial ruin. Also known as excess liability insurance, umbrella insurance goes into effect once you have reached your basic liability limit or if the claim is not covered by your personal policy. It will help make up the difference in what you owe, so that you avoid the loss of assets, destroying your business, repossession of home, or declaring bankruptcy. AllConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT can help you figure out whether or not umbrella insurance is something you should be considering.

What Does Umbrella Insurance Cover?

While umbrella insurance is a great option for some who might need additional insurance, it is not a complete catch-all. It will not cover just anything. Here are some examples of what it covers:

  • Lawyers’ fees
  • Other party’s property damage
  • Other party’s medical treatment
  • Lawsuits involving defamation of character or slander

Here are some examples of what umbrella insurance does not cover:

  • Your injuries
  • Criminal acts
  • Damage to your assets
  • Other party’s injuries, for which your business is responsible

Who Needs Umbrella Insurance?

Even though excess liability insurance is not a requirement, there are certain types of people who invest in policy more often than others. Those who commonly purchase umbrella insurance relate to one or more of these factors:

  • Property owners
  • Have substantial savings
  • Likely to be sued
  • Have more assets than covered under the personal liability policy

If it sounds like your circumstances call for excess liability insurance, be sure to reach out to AllConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT. They will be able to assess your situation and give you professional advice on whether or not umbrella insurance is the right choice for you. 

Understanding Insurance for RVs

Recreational Vehicles (RVs) are a combination of a vehicle and a mobile home. To be certain that you have adequate insurance coverage, there are important considerations, which you should discuss with your agent at ALLConnecticut Insurance serving West Hartford, CT and the surrounding areas. You want to have adequate insurance for the RV and you also want to have insurance for its contents.

Insuring Your RV Against Loss from Accidents

Connecticut is an “at-fault” state. This means that the owner of an RV is responsible for the damages caused by an accident that is determined to be their fault. This includes needing liability coverage for property damage and the injuries or deaths of any people involved. In Connecticut, if the vehicle insurance limits do not cover the damage, you can be sued for the additional amount along with additional financial claims for pain and suffering.

Insuring Your RV Against Loss from Theft and Vandalism

Having adequate insurance for the contents of an RV is necessary to protect from the risks of theft and vandalism. This includes having protection if the RV is sometimes put into storage. If you have any high-value items that you take along with you, be sure to tell your insurance agent about them. For example, precious jewelry that is taken along to wear on a vacation trip needs to be itemized for proper insurance coverage.

Insuring Your RV Against Loss from Disasters

There are two types of disasters that you need to consider, which are natural disasters and those made by people. An RV needs to have adequate insurance against both. Floods, high winds, thunderstorms, hail, tornadoes, wildfires, earthquakes, hurricanes, and other natural disasters can impact an RV depending on where it is located. Disasters caused by people, such as accidental fires, need to have protection as well.

Talk with your agent at ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT about these details for adequate RV insurance and ask them about emergency road assistance and special coverage for the cost of alternative accommodations if an RV cannot be occupied if it needs to be repaired while on a trip.

Can You Write Off Commercial Insurance?

When operating a business in West Hartford, CT, you may be surprised to find that insurance, if it is both ordinary and necessary, can be deducted from taxes. An ordinary business expense means that it is accepted and common in your business type or industry. A necessary business expense means that it is appropriate and helpful for your business or industry. It doesn’t actually have to be necessary. Business owners can deduct these necessary and ordinary costs of the insurance policy as a business expense.

Since businesses in Connecticut are required to carry workers compensation, then the required insurance policies will fall under the necessary and ordinary rule and can be written off by the business owner. It’s not just workers compensation insurance that can be written off. Other business insurance policies, such as commercial property, professional liability, general liability, and data breach insurance, can also be written off. Since each business is different, each insurance type does need to meet the common and necessary rule.

There is a difference between personal and business expenses. If you operate a business in your home, you may be able to write off certain expenses that are for the business, such as insurance. This is similar to when you use a car for both personal and business uses; you can only write off the part that is used for business purposes.

Not every insurance policy is considered necessary and ordinary, so the IRS doesn’t consider it a business expense. Premiums that help cover earnings lost due to disability or sickness, or life insurance, aren’t typically covered as a business expense. A self-insurance reserve also isn’t considered a business expense. An agent at ALLConnecticut Insurance can help you determine which insurance your business needs, but it’s best to contact a tax professional to see which policies can be written off.

Contact ALLConnecticut Insurance, serving West Hartford, CT, to get a quote on commercial insurance. 

Home Insurance Changes You Need to Make

Home insurance is something that all home owners need and that many are required to hold in order to satisfy the requirements of their mortgage company. For those that do have home insurance, there are some changes that should be made to their policies yearly to help make sure you are getting the best coverage possible. For those in the West Hartford, CT area, the agents with ALLConnecticut Insurance can help you to find the right policy for you.

The first change that you should be making to your home policy is to update the value of the contents of your home. If you have many contents of you have bought a large number of expensive things, you may want to change the amount of the coverage that you have on your home. This is going to help cover the overall cost of replacing items within your home in the case that they are all destroyed.

Another coverage that should be adjusted is the value of the home itself. If you have done work on your home, have upgraded your home, or if your home has become devalued, it is important to take the time to adjust coverage accordingly so that you get the most accurate coverage possible. Keeping accurate and up to date coverage on your home can mean the difference between a successful recovery should you have severe damage to your home and an unsuccessful one.

You can speak with an agent about how to adjust coverage as needed to help make sure that your home is always fully covered and that you do not need to add more coverage or remove coverage. The coverage on your home is one of the most important things you can keep accurate and it can mean a great deal of difference. For those in the West Hartford, CT area, the agents with ALLConnecticut Insurance can help you find the perfect coverage every time.


What Happens If You Hit an Uninsured Driver?

By law, you are required to have auto insurance. Unfortunately, not every driver on the road carries the insurance they are required to have. One of the questions that people ask us at AllConnecticut Insurance is what happens if you hit an uninsured driver in West Hartford, CT. Read on to learn what happens. 

A Police Report Should Be Filed

When you are involved in an accident with a driver who does not have auto insurance, you should always contact the police and have them write a report. It is important to do this regardless of whether you were at fault, they were at fault or it is unknown who is at fault. It is illegal to drive without auto insurance and the authorities should be notified so they can issue the other party a ticket and impound their vehicle. 

Obtain As Much Information as Possible

When you are hit by an uninsured driver, it is important to obtain as much information about them and their car as you can. This includes their name, their driver’s license number, the type of car they have, their license plate number and their phone number. Your insurance company will need all of this information to process the claim. It is also important to take pictures of both cars, to show exactly what the damage was at the accident scene. 

Submit a Claim to Your Insurance Company

Finally, be sure to submit a claim with your insurance company right away. The uninsured driver has a right to file a claim against your insurance if you were at fault, even though they were driving illegally. You want to file a claim so you can let the insurance company know your side of the story and to get damages to your car repaired as well. 

Having the right auto insurance policy in place can protect you if you hit an uninsured driver or if an uninsured driver hits you. Here at ALLConnecticut Insurance, we are committed to helping West Hartford, CT drivers find the best auto insurance policy for them. Give us a call now to get started.