Required Auto Insurance in Connecticut

Every vehicle in Connecticut is required to be covered by auto insurance. The state has a number of different types of coverage that are all required for every auto insurance policy. These include bodily injury liability, property damage liability and uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage. If you have questions about auto insurance in Connecticut, or you want to get started with a policy, call us at ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT.

Liability Coverage

There are two different types of liability coverage required and three minimum amounts that you must have. The first is for bodily injury liability for one person who becomes injured in an accident that was your fault. There is a minimum amount required for this coverage. There is a second amount required for all of the people who are injured in an accident that is your fault. In addition, your auto insurance must have property damage liability coverage. All of these coverage types pay for other people’s damages- not your own. To get coverage for your own property in an accident you cause, you would need to get collision coverage. This type is not required by the state. 

Coverage for Uninsured and Underinsured Motorists

There is a set amount of this coverage that you need to have for one person who is injured in an accident that someone without insurance, or not enough insurance, caused. Then, there is a second amount required for everyone who was injured in the accident. This coverage is badly needed to protect yourself against motorists who do not follow the law. 

Get Your Auto Coverage 

If you don’t have auto coverage in the state, you risk having both your driver’s license and your car’s registration being suspended. If you need auto insurance, give us a call at ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT.

How Much Auto Insurance in Connecticut Do You Need?

In Connecticut, there are several types of auto coverage that are required to be in your auto policy. If you go without an auto policy, you can be subject to fees and fines, and you could even have your license suspended. When you need auto insurance, don’t wait. Call us at ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT to get started. 

Required Liability Coverage

There are a few amounts required for liability coverage in the state. One of these is a set minimum amount for bodily injury liability that is for one person who becomes injured in an accident that you caused. There is another minimum amount required for everyone who is injured in the accident. There is also a set minimum amount required for property damage liability. This covers damage to someone else’s property that is caused by an accident that is your fault. All of these amounts are small when compared to many other states, so it’s often recommended that you get coverage that is higher than the minimum mandated by the state. 

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist Coverage

If you are in an accident that is caused by a motorist that is uninsured or underinsured, you would have little recourse without this required coverage. It pays for your injuries, and your passengers’ injuries, in an accident caused by someone else. This coverage is required to have a certain minimum amount for one person who is injured in the accident and a higher amount required for everyone who is injured in it. 

Get Auto Insurance in Connecticut

If you’re in Connecticut, it’s important to stay legal on the road. If you need car insurance, don’t wait. Give us a call now at ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT to get the insurance you need to drive legally in the state. 

How to Make Sure All of Your Contents are Covered by Connecticut Home Insurance

When you have a home, you have it filled with your life’s most precious things. That is what home insurance is for. You can get contents and personal property coverage with your home insurance to protect you against financial losses should any of your contents become lost, stolen, or damaged.

At ALLConnecticut Insurance, we want West Hartford, CT homeowners to be covered in the event of loss. Learn more about how to protect your valuables here.

Personal Property Coverage

Most homeowners know that they need liability coverage should anything happen to their property, but they don’t often consider property coverage when they are trying to save money. It is insurance coverage that will recover your lost or damaged items that you may not be able to replace on your own.

This coverage will also help to repair your belongings if something happens to them. If the peril is fire or water damage and your contents are not destroyed, you can make a claim and have them repaired.

You can put a deductible on this coverage to lower your premiums, or, you can put limits that match the values of your belongings.

For this coverage, you will have replacement cost coverage or actual cash value coverage. Replacement coverage will reimburse you for any costs when you replace an item with a similar one. Actual cash value coverage will pay for the loss of an item, minus its depreciation.

One rider you may consider for your home insurance is the coverage of the valuable items.

Take an Inventory

When you are considering personal property coverage, take an inventory of all of the contents that you are covering. Film the inventory, and itemize the contents with a value. Then you will know how much coverage you will need.

Get a Quote

When you are looking for home insurance in West Hartford, CT, ALLConnecticut Insurance can help you to determine what you need when it comes to content coverage.  Call us for a quote today.

Driving in the Rain: Stay Safe with These Tips

There are over one million weather-related crashes annually, and nearly half of them occur while it’s raining. Because of this, rain tends to be one of the most dangerous weather conditions—yes, more than ice, snow, and sleet—to drive-in! With that being said, ALLConnecticut Insurance wants to help West Hartford, CT drivers learn how to navigate the road a bit better when they’re caught in the middle of a storm.

Wait It Out

While it may not be possible at all times, you should try to avoid getting behind the wheel and driving when it is raining, especially right at first. Oil and grease build up on the roads, and when it rains, those substances will rise up to the surface. As the water mixes with the grease and oil, the roads get slick and dangerous. Therefore, the roads are most dangerous at the beginning of a rainstorm. If possible, wait a bit before driving.

Know What to Do If You Hydroplane

Your tires tend to lose traction when there is water built up on the road, and this is when hydroplaning can occur. It doesn’t take a lot of water on the road for you to be able to hydroplane.

Now, when hydroplaning happens, you will feel your car begin to slide suddenly. More than likely, you may find it difficult to steer. If this happens, slowly lift your foot off of the gas and try to steer the vehicle straight. If you do anything other than this, you may flip your vehicle.

Slow Down

Keep in mind that the posted speed limits are for when the driving conditions are ideal. Rain is not an ideal driving condition. Therefore, to keep yourself and others safe, slow down and add a couple of extra car links between you and the vehicle in front of you.

ALLConnecticut Insurance wants to make sure you are safe when driving on the road, but we also want to ensure that you have appropriate auto insurance in the event you are in an accident. Serving the West Hartford, CT areas, we can sit down with you and help you identify the best policy for your needs and budget.

Who Needs Recreational Insurance in Connecticut

West Hartford, CT residents know how much fun you can have with a recreational vehicle in the surrounding areas. All summer long, adventures await and memories to be made with family and friends. If you’re shopping around for a recreational insurance plan, it’s important to know your coverage and what you need to fully enjoy your recreational vehicle all year round. 

ALLConnecticut Insurance understands the benefits of having quality recreational insurance for your RV. Whether you’re embarking on a road trip up and down the West Coast, enjoying the fall foliage in New England, or hitting the beach in Florida, recreational insurance is crucial for your safety, financial security, and overall peace of mind on any adventure. 

If you own an RV in West Hartford, CT or anywhere in the country, having a quality insurance policy is the best way to enjoy your experience without putting yourself in harm’s way, via an accident or collision, theft, damage, or severe weather. 

While these scenarios may seem like a stretch to the imagination, know that they do happen and you’ll want to be fully covered and ensured if you get into a sticky situation with your RV. Unforeseen issues can be a massive financial burden on RV owners, so stay proactive and get a great insurance policy today. 

If you need more guidance in purchasing recreational insurance, contact ALLConnecticut Insurance today. We’ve got a team of trained agents who can help you enjoy the great outdoors while providing a full coverage policy that won’t have you questioning what you’re covered for in the event of an accident. Working with our team means you have a full understanding of what you’re paying for, how you’re covered, and who has your back in the event of an accident. 

4 Things You Must Know About Umbrella Insurance

Just like everything else, trying to grasp a new topic or concept always seems a daunting experience. There are usually a lot of questions mixed with long stares. Speaking of new learnings, umbrella insurance is one of those topics that can be challenging to many people. However, at ALLConnecticut Insurance, we dissect umbrella insurance to its basics, helping you know the nitty-gritty of this widely misunderstood coverage.

For starters, here are the four basic facts you must know about umbrella insurance.

It’s a liability coverage

Umbrella insurance protects you when accused by third parties. If you are deemed liable for property damage or bodily injury, umbrella insurance comes to your rescue when the typical liability coverages are exhausted.

It’s not a stand-alone policy

Umbrella insurance doesn’t exist on its own — it rides on other coverages. For instance, if you have a boat or home insurance plan, you can consider umbrella insurance to boost your liability coverage.

Umbrella insurance is suitable for everyone

There is a common misconception that umbrella insurance is for the super-rich only. This notion isn’t entirely true. Whether you are a start-up or a veteran, umbrella insurance serves the purpose of asset protection. And because anyone in America can be sued, there is no better protection for your assets than umbrella insurance.

It’s affordable and convenient

Since umbrella insurance rides on other coverages, it’s super affordable. You will be surprised that for a $1M coverage, you will only pay a fraction of what you pay for, let say, your home or auto insurance.

Additionally, umbrella insurance has no geographical limitation. Unlike other liability coverages, it can protect you anywhere in the world.

Learn more about umbrella insurance in West Hartford, CT 

Would you like to get more information about umbrella insurance? Would you please get in touch with ALLConnecticut Insurance? We will advise you on many aspects of umbrella insurance, including the benefits, cost, and demystifying popular myths about this coverage.

What Happens If There Are Multiple Drivers: RV Insurance

There are many reasons to purchase recreational vehicle insurance. These reasons may resonate with many individuals that are taking longer summer trips or have invested in RV living. However, what if there are multiple drivers for your RV?

Knowing what to do when there are multiple RV drivers is important. Even if you are planning a 27-hour trip from the Florida Keys to Maine or a trip specific to a camping ground in California. No matter your journey, it is possible to make the proper choice concerning RV insurance. Before driving out of the West Hartford, CT area or in any areas that we serve, contact ALLConnecticut Insurance with your questions pertaining to RV insurance.

Multiple Drivers

There are many conditions when you may experience having additional drivers. For example, you made me turn sure other drivers for your RV if you are renting, using your RV on a full-time basis, or if you are financing your recreational vehicle.

There are individual categories of recreational vehicles that you should be mindful of. As an important note, recreational vehicle requirements for each class may be unique in your region. There are a total 10 basic types that are on the road today, is there clear the following:

  • Classic recreational vehicles such as Air-Stream trailers
  • Campers that are pop-ups
  • Modern travel trailers (Models that are seven years old and newer)
  • tiny or small trailers
  • Tear-drop shape campers
  • Towable campers (with fifth wheel)
  • The trio subgroups A, B & C (motorhomes)
  • Toy haulers

Additionally, it is essential to be comfortable with the essentials of each RV class. This is because if you are looking for RV insurance and have multiple drivers, knowing the type of RV that you have will help make the search easier.

Depending on your area, you may need insurance for multiple drivers if your recreational vehicle falls in the category or classes of A, B, & C motorhomes. This is because they are drivable recreational vehicles they are not towed by automobile or truck. If you are in the West Hartford, CT area, do not hesitate to contact ALLConnecticut Insurance.

What Does Commercial Insurance Cover?

If you have invested your time, money, and hard work into getting a business off the ground, you will most certainly want to protect your business in any way you can. The best way to provide protection for your business is to have a commercial insurance policy in place and the agents at ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT can assist you with that since they have plenty of knowledge and experience when it comes to commercial insurance policies.

Connecticut Commercial Insurance Requirements

In Connecticut, you must have commercial auto insurance in place for all vehicles that are owned by your business and operated for use with your business. You should also ensure that all other vehicles that are used for your business have at least liability commercial auto insurance in place also.

If you have employees, you should also have a worker’s compensation insurance program in place in the event someone is injured on the job. You will also want to have liability insurance for your business that covers customers or others who may become hurt at your business or because of an incident that happens involving your business.

Other Coverage Options

A property insurance policy is important to have in place for your business since it will cover a theft incident or break-in of your business as well as damages or losses that are the result of a fire, natural disaster, or vandalism.

To determine which commercial insurance coverage options are best for you and your business, you should enlist the help of an experienced commercial insurance agent. The agents at ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT are ready to assist you with all of your commercial insurance needs. Call for an appointment today!

Preparing your Connecticut home for an emergency

At ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT, we have more than 125 years of combined experience. We will use that experience to help you to find the right home insurance for your home and your needs. As independent agents, we can offer more choices. It allows us to customize a policy that prioritizes getting you the most for your insurance dollar.

Connecticut is known for the variety of weather it has. If you don’t like the weather you are seeing, wait five minutes and it will change. Every season has its challenges. As a homeowner, you need to be prepared no matter what Mother Nature decides to throw at you. 

Have a generator

Hurricanes are a real danger in Connecticut. They cause flooding and the heavy winds take down trees in all parts of the state. It is not unusual to lose electricity for days at a time. Your home needs to be prepared for this emergency. You need to keep food cold if it is still warm outside and provide heat if it is later in the season. You can choose gasoline or propane for your fuel. 

Put your important papers together

Depending on the type of emergency, there can be wind, fire, or water involved. All of them could destroy your important papers. You need to have a container that is both waterproof and fire-resistant. You need to put all your important papers, including your home insurance policy, in the container. Take it with you if you must evacuate. 

Have supplies

It is important to have several days of water both to drink and to use. When the power is out, you may not have tap water. You should also have a supply of batteries. 

Contact ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT if you are looking for great service and more choices in home insurance.

Common Auto Insurance Terms You Need to Know

When shopping for auto insurance in West Hartford, CT, you probably have heard terms you might have been unfamiliar with. Understanding these terms can help you determine if you are selecting the best insurance policy for your driving needs. Take a moment to look over the following insurance terms and then reach out to ALLConnecticut Insurance to discuss any questions and auto insurance options available. 


When in an auto accident with another vehicle or object, your collision coverage pays for the damage. There is a deductible for this coverage you must pay out of pocket before the insurance policy pays the remaining repair and replacement costs. 


When you have damage to your car, not caused by an accident, your comprehensive coverage helps pay for repairs. For example, this policy covers damage associated with theft, flood, falling objects, broken glass, and vandalism. Comprehensive also covers the damage when you hit an animal while driving. 


The liability insurance coverage pays for bodily injury to another person or damage to someone else’s property. Your insurance policy covers these items when you are found responsible for an accident or someone who was driving your vehicle (with your permission) causes an accident. All states require drivers to carry liability insurance, and it is recommended you have more coverage than the required limit in Connecticut. 

Uninsured and Underinsured Motorist

When you get into an auto accident caused by another motorist without auto insurance, your uninsured and underinsured motorist coverage pays for the damages and medical costs. This coverage also pays when another motorist does not have enough insurance to pay for your accident-related expenses. 

Those living in West Hartford, CT, who still have questions about some terms associated with their auto insurance policy need to call ALLConnecticut Insurance today. The agents there can help answer your questions and help you find an insurance policy.