3 Ways to Take Care of Your RV

If you own an RV, then you know how much time it takes to take care of it properly. RVs are great recreational vehicles to have, but they do require a lot of time and attention. Let’s take a quick look at three ways you can take care of your RV. 

1) Get the oil changed regularly

Just like cars, trucks, and SUVs, RVs need their oil changed regularly. Most manufacturers of RVs suggest oil changes once every 3,000 to 5,000 miles. To determine the manufacturer preference for the specific type of RV that you own, look in your owner’s manual. 

2) Check the batteries

Before you head out on the road with your RV, you need to make sure any and all batteries are charged. Also, keep in mind that deep cycle batteries have a battery life of only about three to five years, meaning they need to be replaced after this time period has elapsed. More so, remember to take the battery out of the RV during the winter and store it somewhere warm; this expands its lifespan and helps to ensure the warranty on the battery does not become void. 

Check the roof seals

Along with checking the roof seals every six months, you should also check the seams. You don’t want any water damage to occur because if it does, it can cost thousands of dollars to repair. Fortunately, if you check the roof seals and seams regularly, you can avoid water damage from occurring. 

If you would like more information relating to tips for taking care of your RV, please contact ALLConnecticut Insurance serving the West Hartford, CT area. 


A Quick Guide to Covering All of Your Toys

In case you aren’t familiar with the term, toy insurance is coverage for recreational vehicles and similar devices that are not primary modes of transportation. The term can refer to motorcycles, boats, RVs, ATV and even snowmobiles. Basically, it’s insurance for those things we long to have, and when we finally acquire them, it is like a dream come true. AllConnecticut Insurance can make sure your toys are protected, so here are the basics for getting toy insurance in West Hartford, CT.

State Requirements

This is the beginning of any honest conversation about insurance. Every state has different requirements, and they change over time. In Connecticut, anything that is intended to drive on roads requires a minimum coverage for bodily injuries and property damage. Seafaring equipment has its own set of rules. The total range of necessities is a bit expansive for a quick guide, so your best bet is to discuss all of your toys and their legal insurance mandates with your representative.

Personal Liability

This is a particular insurance for toys. In general, these are powerful vehicles and devices that lend themselves to more dangerous activities. After all, that is often part of the thrill. Also important is the impression your toys make in a civil court. You don’t actually have to be wealthy to own an ATV, an RV or even a boat. Still, having expensive toys will create an image of wealth, and a jury of your peers may be more inclined to award larger penalties in a legal case. If your toys are going to come in contact with other human beings, you need to consider liability coverage. It is often available for minimal increases to your premium.

Total Coverage

The only other major concern for your toys is protecting them from disaster. These are things we usually save for years to purchase, and we get attached quickly. You want to be sure that you can repair or replace the vehicle of your favorite pastime if the worst should happen. Protection from accidents is a good start, but don’t overlook the threats of weather and theft. You might be surprised how much a full commitment to peace of mind can help you enjoy the time with your toy to its fullest.

The basics will get you started, but insurance can become a complicated topic very quickly. Consider chatting with an AllConnecticut Insurance agent about the options available in West Hartford, CT.


Does A Touring Band Need Commercial Insurance?

West Hartford, CT is a major hot spot for a variety of bands. If you are in a band and need high-quality insurance, it is important to understand your options. Whether you play in one area or tour, there are several ways that we at ALLConnecticut Insurance can help protect your music band from serious financial loss.

Performing Bands Have Unique Coverage Options

Bands that perform in one town or a specific venue (such as a casino) can purchase some band insurance to protect their investment. This type of insurance will protect their instruments from destruction, provide them with general liability coverage, and even manage certain types of vehicle damage. Qualifying for this type of coverage, though, can often be hard.

Schools Are Often Not Covered

One surprising limitation on this kind of commercial insurance is school-based programs. Just about every type of band-specific insurance policy excludes accredited or sponsored programs. The reasons for this can be somewhat mysterious, but it is important for these bands to remember. As a result, they may need to get education-based or general liability insurance instead.

Touring Groups May Require Specialized Coverage

Band-specific coverage often does not extend to cover bands who tour to make a living. There are several reasons for that, chief among them the difficulty of covering so much equipment moved so frequently. However, touring bands can purchase commercial general liability insurance to protect them from third-party claims, bodily injury, and property damage. If they decide to focus their band activities in a central and non-changing situation, they can then purchase band-specific insurance policies.

Protecting Your Band

If your West Hartford, CT band wants to avoid having to pay to replace all of their equipment, please contact us at ALLConnecticut Insurance. Our commercial policies can protect you from this danger and provide a simple way to keep your band making money.

What is Home Depreciation?

When you purchase a home, you know the value of it at that time but did you know that your home can depreciate in value? Home depreciation is what this is called and it happens over time. According to ALLConnecticut Insurance, this is an important component in getting the right insurance quote and ensuring you are not paying too much for your policy in West Hartford, CT.

How Does Depreciation Occur?

Over time, the value of your home will lessen. This happens when things break in your home, things become older, and more. It has less to do with the economy than many might think but that does not mean it does not play a role. If you do not repair or replace things that break, then the value of the home overall will lessen but even as thing age, your home value will go down. There is not much you can do about that unless you make repairs and renovations inside your home.

How to Determine Value

It is difficult to determine any depreciation or the new value of your home unless you have someone come out and take a look at it. However, you do not want to have someone come out to determine value if you are doing so just to lower your insurance premium because you could get yourself in a hole with repair value. You should have an assessor or appraiser from your insurance company come out so they can make sure you get the right amount of coverage based on value. 

Now that you understand how important home depreciation is, you can have an assessor come out to your property to take a look. For more information about home depreciation or to schedule an assessor, be sure to reach out to ALLConnecticut Insurance serving West Hartford, CT.

3 Overlooked Reasons to Purchase Auto Insurance

No matter where you live in the country, is you’re a motorist, odds are, you have some sort of car insurance coverage. However, outside of being mandated, many of us fail to see the numerous benefits of purchasing an auto insurance policy. That said, the following is a closer look at three of the most often overlooked benefits of purchasing an auto insurance policy. 

Save Time

Until you’re involved in an accident, it is easy to forget how time consuming such an ordeal can be. However, by purchasing a high-quality auto insurance policy, worrying about rentals, finding car shops, contacting the other person’s insurance company, and many other tasks, will be a thing of the past. Auto insurance allows you to get on with your life as quickly as possible. 

Health Insurance Supplementation

Moreover, with the present state of healthcare in America, being under insured is a concern of many. However, in the event that you are injured behind the wheel, your auto insurance may cover health care costs caused by the accident. It all depends on the package you choose.

Lawsuit Protection

Lastly, although most do not consider how costly lawsuits can be until they are faced with one, purchasing an auto insurance policy is an excellent way to ensure you are not blind sighted with a costly lawsuit. On the flip side, being involved in an accident without proper insurance could cost you thousands or even millions of dollars and could even land you in jail. 

Overall, for those living in West Hartford, CT, ALLConnecticut Insurance is here to serve you. Offering competitive rates, friendly customer service, customized packages, and much more, contact us here at ALLConnecticut Insurance and find out why we’re one of the best kept secrets in West Hartford, CT. 

Is Your Car A Collectible? Will This Affect Your Insurance?

In West Hartford, CT, a large number of our customers own and collect classic cars. How are these vehicles defined? And how does collectible insurance help you? Let us at ALLConnecticut Insurance give you the help you need when choosing this type of insurance policy.

How A Classic Car Is Defined

Classic cars are defined in various ways. For example, the Classic Car Club of America states that any vehicle that runs and which has been completely restored that was built between 1925-1948 qualifies. However, modern classics are vehicles that are 15-25 years old that have made a cultural impact or that are rare. Muscle cars from the 60s and 70s are also considered classic cars.

Does Your Car Fall Under These Headings?

If your car falls under these headings and you are interested in capitalizing on it, you will need collectible insurance. However, if you plan on driving your car as a primary vehicle, you probably won’t need it. Collectible insurance is designed to protect cars that are owned for their value rather than their use. It also covers cars that are shown off at car expos.

How Collectible Insurance Can Help

Collectible car insurance will help protect your car from damage occurred in unusual circumstances. For example, if you decide to show your collectible car off at a show, a regular insurance policy may not cover it. A collectible car insurance policy would. It can also cover certain kinds of travel expenses, such as overseas travel to a car show, that typical car insurance policies would not. Coverage is typically offered at a higher value to protect your investment.

Talk To An Agent Today

If you live in West Hartford, CT and think you own a collectible car, call us at ALLConnecticut Insurance today. We can provide you with the kind of insurance you need to keep your car safe from total loss. We may even be able to bundle your policy to cover multiple collectible cars.

How RV Insurance Differs From Regular Auto Insurance

Owning an RV is a great way to go wherever and whenever you desire. As you drive on the road with your RV, you do need insurance to protect it and other motorists. However, there is specific RV insurance designed just for your kind of vehicle. What is the different between RV insurance and auto insurance though? At AllConnecticut Insurance, we want to make sure you understand the difference, whether you live in West Hartford, CT or in the surrounding area. 

Specialized Insurance

As you are from Connecticut, you may not take your RV out throughout the entire year. If you only take it out a few months at a time it is better to go with specialized RV insurance, which allows you to insure it for only the months you are driving. 

Added Insurance Coverage

With RV insurance, you are able to include not only campsite liability but RV emergency expense coverage. Both of these kinds of insurance instances you will likely not find with auto insurance due to the nature of an RV. 

Additional Liability 

Due to the increased size of an RV over a traditional vehicle, you’ll need added liability insurance. With RV insurance, you receive a higher liability threshold. As a larger vehicle is able to cause more damage than a smaller vehicle going the same speed, this is a must. RV insurance will protect you with this added liability coverage you need. 

You have the ability to travel just about anywhere with your RV. However, you also need to protect yourself and your vehicle with proper RV insurance. We at AllConnecticut Insurance are here to answer all of your RV insurance questions and concerns, regardless of if you live in West Hartford, CT or in a neighboring city. 

Is there a difference between boat insurance and yacht insurance?

There is no hard-fast rule that defines the difference between a boat and a yacht. Generally speaking, a boat is usually less than 30 feet long. A yacht is always a pleasure craft even if it is rented out for hire, whereas a boat can be used for recreation or for business efforts, such as commercial fishing. A ship can carry a boat, but a boat cannot carry a ship. 

If you tell a yacht owner you like his or her boat, they might be insulted. This is because yachts are very expensive and cost much more than a smaller pleasure boat.

There are significant differences between the types of insurance available from ALLConnecticut Insurance serving West Hartford, CT for different types of watercraft depending on its size, its value, and what activities it is used for.

Boat and Yacht Insurance Checklist

Here are some things to consider when insuring your watercraft:

  • Where will the boat or yacht be moored?
  • Will it be a supervised mooring or unsupervised?
  • Will it be fitted with an alarm and a GPS anti-theft device?
  • Will it stay in the water all year long, or only be used seasonally?
  • Will it be used for any commercial purpose, including charging for boat rides, commercial fishing, or renting it out?
  • What does its replacement cost?
  • What upgrades have been made? Yachts typically have designer finishes, expensive fittings, and may have things like fine artwork that needs special insurance coverage.
  • Is all the necessary safety gear on board and kept in good working condition?


It is important to insure your prize possession of a pleasure boat, commercial boat, or yacht adequately. Even if moored properly, severe weather can suddenly come up that damages it, while it is docked.

Contact ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT, to make sure you have the right kind of boat or yacht insurance coverage. Call (860) 232-7076 or (888) ALL-CONN.

Does Commercial Insurance Cover Your Personal Car That is Used For Business?

In order to properly insure your business vehicle, you can take out a commercial car insurance policy. This is something that needs to be discussed with an insurance agent to make certain that you are protecting you, and your business from liability.

Commercial Car Insurance:

  • goes above and beyond what a personal auto insurance policy would cover
  • covers situations that would occur related to business traveling and usage
  • covers liability for people who may be employed by your company and are conducting business using a company vehicle
  • covers work only vehicles like dump trucks and taxi cabs

It is tempting to continue to insure your work vehicle under your personal auto insurance policy. DO NOT FALL VICTIM TO THIS TEMPTATION. Though the chances are slim that you or your employer would get into an auto accident, the stress caused by driving without proper insurance is not worth it.

If the car is involved in an accident while it is being driven for work-related purposes your personal auto policy will not cover your liability. Commercial vehicle insurance is designed for the situations that will arise during business travel. Driving without insurance jeopardizes your business and personal revenue. You leave yourself open to being personally sued for damages.  

Speaking with a knowledgeable insurance agent about where the gray areas would be to your benefit. 

Call ALLConnecticut Insurance today at 860-232-7076 to figure out if you need a commercial vehicle insurance policy. If you reside in or have set up your business in West Hartford, CT or the surrounding areas we would love for you to come in to speak with one of our agents today to discuss your commercial, home, life, or auto insurance policy needs. Make your insurance a priority before a mishap arises!    

Spring Home Maintenance Tips

If you fail to properly maintain your home and property, your home insurance may have reason to deny home insurance claims you make. As such, it is extremely important that you properly maintain your home and property. Here are a few home maintenance tips that should be done in the spring to help you with your home maintenance.

Have Your Roof Inspected and Repaired

Once the snow has thawed away and the roof is no longer slick, it is important that you have your roof inspected. If there is anything wrong with the roof, repairs should be made. This helps to prevent leaks from the roof from occurring and causing damage within your home.

Have Your Trees Trimmed

Trees need to be properly trimmed after the wet and cold winters. Trimming trees helps to remove dead growth. Damaged or diseased trees and limbs can fall off suddenly and unexpectedly, causing damage to people and property. Properly maintaining your trees helps to prevent this issue.

Repair Damaged Concrete and Asphalt

Lastly, the winter can be rough on your concrete and asphalt surfaces. It can cause cracks or holes that people can trip on or that can continue to grow. Once the ground has thawed out, repair any damage to your concrete and asphalt surfaces, such as your foundation, patios, walkways and driveway.

Maintaining your home is an important aspect of your home insurance policy. If you would like to learn more about home insurance policies or are in the market for a new one, give ALLConnecticut Insurance, serving the greater West Hartford, CT area, a call today. We can answer any questions you have or help you price out a new policy.