RV Insurance Coverage Options

Recreational vehicles (RVs) refer to a wide variety of motorhomes, ranging from bus conversions to camper vans. They come in different sizes and designs. RV insurance offers most of the benefits found in your standard auto insurance but also adds some extras your motorhome may need. If you own or you’re planning to purchase an RV, it’s important to have the right coverage for it with ALL Connecticut Insurance. Plus, having RV insurance in West Hartford, CT is compulsory. And just like auto insurance, your premiums will depend on different factors. There are several coverage options for insuring your RV. They include:
Liability: Due to their large sizes, these vehicles can cause very severe accidents. This policy covers any injury costs or damage costs towards others in the event you are responsible for an accident. This coverage is mandatory.
Collision: Covers damage costs in case your RV is hit or hits another vehicle or object.
Uninsured/underinsured: Other drivers may not have enough or even lack insurance to cover damages to your RV if they cause an accident. This coverage will cater for those damages. Plus it can help in a hit-and-run situation.
Comprehensive: If you use your RV frequently, for instance, if you live in it, it would be wise to cover it against non-collision damages like fire and vandalism.
Total loss replacement: Since RVs are quite costly, this coverage will cover the full, original price of your RV without depreciation in case it’s lost or written off.
Apart from these major coverage options, some additional coverage options you can include are roadside assistance, personal effects, vacation liability, emergency expenses, etc.
An experienced agent at ALLConnecticut Insurance will help you understand the kind of risks your RV may face in West Hartford, CT and help you make an informed decision. Contact us today for more information or to get the right policy for your RV.

The Answers to 3 Unusual Auto Insurance Questions

Auto insurance can feel like a bit of a mystery to people, and this mystery can result in a person picking the cheapest possible policy. But knowing the more unusual scenarios can make it easier for people to decide one way or the other about how much coverage they really need. Here are three answers from ALLConnecticut Insurance that you may not have even thought to ask. 

What Happens When Someone Else Drives My Car and Gets Into an Accident?

The answer to this question will depend on the circumstances, but usually, it’s the person who owns the car who’s responsible for the car. If the driver has their own insurance, then the insurance may cover part of the damages, but it’s not always a guarantee. 

What Happens When I Drive Out of State?

Your insurance benefits will carry over in all 50 states in the US, but you’ll need additional liability insurance if you choose to drive to Mexico (unlikely if you live in West Hartford, CT, but certainly not impossible.) You can even drive to Canada without risking your benefits. 

What’s the Right Insurance Company?

Just like with most questions about insurance, the answer is that it depends. Every driver has their own preferences when it comes to their insurance policy, so they need to find someone who can fit all of their requirements and still meet their budget.

What isn’t negotiable when it comes to auto insurance is that you need someone who’s there to answer your questions. ALLConnecticut Insurance can help the people of West Hartford, CT find a policy that will be there for them during the worst of times. But hopefully, it’s clear that the bare minimum for auto insurance can really end up being an expensive decision for some.  


When Will You Need Toy Insurance?

Toy insurance is an important coverage option for many adults. If you have the right level of coverage, all of your family’s recreational vehicles can be covered. A “toy” can be a moped, motorcycle or even an ATV. While not everyone needs toy insurance, many do.

AllConnecticut Insurance several toy insurance options. Before picking the policy which works best for you, it’s a good idea to understand why toy insurance is needed in the first place.

Reason One: You Have A Lot of Toys

A lot of homeowners have numerous toys to protect. These include sailboats, jet skis, dirt bikes and more. You’d be surprised how many of your toys can be protected by a comprehensive policy. Serving the West Hartford CT area, our agents can pinpoint the toys you need protection for.

Reason Two: You Have a Vacation Home

Even if you don’t use your toys year-round, you still need to protect them. In cold weather, mold, mildew, dust and other toys, your high-powered weekend warrior vehicles can get damaged. You’d be surprised how easily an ATV, moped or motorcycle can degrade over time. If you have a vacation home—and if you use your toys infrequently—toy insurance is your best friend.

Reason Three: Your Friends and Family Use the Toys

Who doesn’t like sharing their toys? Share the joy—but be safe when doing so. If you’re on vacation, make sure your toys are protected from unforeseen circumstances. If your toys are nicked, dinged or completely run into the ground, you’ll need fiscal protection. Toy insurance can cover the damages, keeping your money where it belongs: in your pocket.

AllConnecticut Insurance wants to protect its community. If you live in West Hartford, CT, contact one of our providers today. Protect your toys, and give your family and friends years of entertainment.

3 Benefits of RV Insurance

For those who are yet unfamiliar, RV insurance is a type of coverage that protects recreational vehicles of all kinds. No matter is you have a travel trailer, motor home, fifth wheel, pop-up camper, or any other vehicle that can be classified as recreational, purchasing RV insurance is the best way to protect your vehicle. Do you live in West Hartford, CT and need coverage for your recreational vehicle? The following is a closer look at 3 benefits for purchasing RV insurance. 

Personalized Policies

Given that RV insurance is an umbrella which includes coverage for a variety of recreational vehicles, no two policies are exactly the same. Purchasing RV insurance allows you to get the exact coverage you need for your vehicle. 

Full Replacement Coverage

Moreover, given that RVs can come in all types, including those that are limited edition and custom, there is also an option for full replacement coverage. In this case, you will never have to worry about taking a loss on your RV as you will receive the agreed upon value in the unfortunate event that it gets totaled. 

Bundling Option

Last but not least, purchasing RV insurance also allows you to combine insurance packages and save money. For instance, if you already have insurance on a personal vehicle, you can potentially have the 2 packages combine and save a percentage on both.

Overall, for those living in West Hartford, CT, AllConnecticut Insurance is an excellent option for RV coverage. Simply call, email, or stop by the AllConnecticut Insurance today to find out how you can start your policy immediately and maybe even save some cash in the process. 

What is the difference between general liability and professional liability?

Commercial insurance protects your business against risk, and most businesses need several kinds of insurance to make sure they have the level of protection they need. Many people ask what the difference is between a general liability policy and a professional liability policy, and if they need both.

The agents at ALLConnecticut Insurance help the business owners in West Hartford, CT to find the insurance policies that best suit the needs of their individual businesses. They can answer any questions you have, and help you compare the various policies available to you.

General Liability Insurance

When you purchase a general liability policy, you are protecting your business against a wide array of risks. Your policy doesn’t just protect your business, your property and your employees; it also protects those who come into contact with your business, such as visitors and those who purchase your products.

Your policy will cover, up to its limits, both personal injury and property damage claims. It will even cover the legal fees and costs you may incur if there is a lawsuit or settlement over one of the claims.

Professional Liability

Professionals are held to a higher standard because they are expected to have specialized knowledge or skills. Many professionals are even regulated by the state and are not allowed to operate without a special license or certification. If they make mistakes or fail to live up to the high standards expected of them, they can be sued for professional negligence.

A professional liability policy protects your business against those risks if you are a professional. Like the general liability policy, it will also cover any expenses related to potential litigation. Call or contact ALLConnecticut Insurance if you are in West Hartford, CT and want to explore the best protection for your business.

Does Boat Insurance Cover Retrieval Costs After A Sinking?

At ALLConnecticut Insurance, we have seen too many of our customers fail to understand proper boating insurance. As a result, their boat sank and they were unable to get it out of the water. Thankfully, West Hartford, CT residents can get coverage that avoids this situation.

Salvage May Be Covered

When a boat sinks for whatever reason, many boat policies will help to pay for salvaging and removing the boat from the water. Some may even help to fix it up and get it back to normal. However, some policies may limit what they pay for salvage, covering only 25-50 percent. It all depends on your state and the type of policy that you purchase.

Even Wreck Removal Can Be Covered

In severe weather instances, such as hurricanes, fire, and explosions, your insurance company will often cover some of the cost of removal. However, some basic policies may only cover up to 10 percent of the value of the boat and leave you to cover the rest of the cost. However, more generous policies can help make it easier for you to remove your boat after a serious wreck.

When A Policy Will Fail To Pay

If your insurance company believes that consequential damage caused your boat to sink, there is a chance that they may not pay any of your retrieval costs. This occurs if they believe that the boat sank due to normal wear and tear. Thankfully, it is possible to purchase an extra type of coverage known as “consequential damage” that will help get your boat out of the water after it sinks.

Staying Afloat With Boating Insurance

Call us at ALLConnecticut Insurance if your West Hartford, CT boat needs high-quality boating insurance. We will take the steps necessary to protect your boat and keep it from dangerous sinking situations.

Insuring your property while moving

Moving is stressful, even if it is also exciting. In some ways moving a few blocks away can be even more stressful than moving across the country. While moving you need to protect your property as there is a good bit of exposure during this process.  While the property may be in your auto, it may be your home insurance that actually covers your property.

It is a good idea to call the professionals at All Connecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT to make sure you are covered. Generally, your property is covered under a homeowners policy, but you may need a special policy. Some moving companies have insurance, but there may be some things you are moving, and for those items, you need to make sure it is covered by your insurance agent.

For instance, if you have your camera in your car while you are moving, and it gets stolen along the way, it could be covered under your homeowner’s policy. It is best to make sure before you start the move just to be sure.

A move that is only a few blocks, or across town, maybe one that you make yourself. This is a good idea but it will expose your property even more to possible damage or theft.

Contact the professionals at All Connecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT, to make sure you have the coverage you need.  Existing clients should contact us before making a move to update your policy New customers might consider making sure they are covered by adding the property coverage to their home insurance policy.  Just ask your agent if you are covered, and find out if a rider or extra agreement is required so you can take a little stress out of making a move.

What Factors Should I Consider When Getting Auto Insurance?

Buying a new or used car is always a big purchase and investment. Next to their home, a car is the biggest asset that many people will ever own.  Since owning a car is such a big investment, making sure that it is properly covered by insurance is very important.  For those that are in the West Hartford, CT area, there are several factors that should be taken into consideration when shopping for a new auto insurance policy. 

Minimum Requirements by Law

One of the most important factors to consider when you are looking for an auto insurance policy is what the minimum requirements are.  Similar to other states, Connecticut requires that you carry a certain level of liability insurance.  In the state, you will be required to carry a liability policy with minimum limits of at least $25,000 per accident and property damage plus bodily injury coverage of $25,000 per person with a $50,000 limit per accident. 

Additional Coverage Needs

While you will want to stay in compliance with the law, the liability minimums are often not enough to cover your liability risks.  In many cases, it would be wise to get a policy with higher limits.  Another factor to consider is whether you should get collision and comprehensive insurance.  Collision insurance will provide you with coverage to repair your vehicle if you are at fault in an accident or if the other party is not insured. 

Comprehensive coverage will provide you with coverage in the event your car is stolen, vandalized, or damaged by a storm.  In many cases, an auto lender will require you to carry both collision and comprehensive coverage. 

For those that are in the West Hartford, CT area, working with AllConnecticut Insurance could be a great option.  AllConnecticut Insurance can help you get into a great policy that meets your needs.   

3 Things to Do to Get Ready for Spring RV Season

The winter has been one of the harshest on record, but it only has a few months left. This means that is almost time to pull the covers off of that RV and get it back out on the road. ALLConnecticut Insurance, serving West Hartford, CT, has a few tips to get you on your way for your spring voyages.

1. Check All Of The Lines

Just because the temperatures have improved, doesn’t mean that there is potential for frozen lines inside the RV. This could include the water and plumbing lines, the fuel lines and other key systems. Rubber parts can also become cracked during the winter. Make sure everything is in working order by taking it to a licensed repair shop or the dealership. 

2. Tires

Tires can become damaged from non-use, so if it has been awhile since you have moved the RV, make sure the tires aren’t rotting. Like rubber hosing, the cold conditions can also cause cracking, so make sure all of your tires are ready to go. Like the lines, these can be checked at a qualified dealer or repair shop. 

3. Insurance

Making sure your insurance is up to date is one of the most important things you can do. Rates could have changed since the last time you purchased a policy, and you might be able to save some money. 

Why not give us a call or contact us here at ALLConnecticut Insurance today. We serve the Hartford, CT area and would love to help you get the right insurance solution for your RV. Let one of our qualified agents guide you through the process to get you the most out of your coverage. 

Why It’s Essential to Insure Your Motorcycles, Jet Skis and Other Toys to Protect Your Investment

When you purchase a motorcycle, jet ski, RV or another toy, you invest a significant amount of money in your passion. These vehicles have the same insurance requirements as cars and trucks. However, the state requirements do not cover damage or loss of your vehicle for a variety of incidences. Contact your ALLConnecticut Insurance representative for more information on how to protect your toys in West Hartford, CT.

Types of Coverage for Your Toys

You can get the same kind of coverage for your toys as you can for your car or truck. Look into your options for liability and personal injury as well as comprehensive and other options.

Liability insurance covers you in case someone else is hurt or suffers property damage due to an accident you caused while you were operating the vehicle. Collision insurance covers damage to your watercraft, RV, motorcycle or other unconventional vehicles when an accident was caused by someone else. With toy insurance, you can tailor the policy to fit your budget and to cover the cost to replace your vehicle.

Non-accident Events

Comprehensive coverage on your vehicle, such as a personal watercraft, will cover damage that doesn’t involve an accident with another vehicle. What’s covered depends on the type of policy you choose. It can include vandalism, theft and other types of accidents that result in damage. This is one of the best ways that you can protect your investment in expensive toys without worrying so much that you can’t enjoy them.


You can choose coverage with towing services for your RV, or on-water towing and labor for your watercraft. This can save a lot of money for expensive repairs or long-distance tows for oversized vehicles.

Contact ALLConnecticut Insurance in West Hartford, CT today for more information on how to protect your toys and how to fulfill your other insurance needs.