Does Connecticut home insurance cover leaking roof?

When you have a home, one of the things you have to pay attention to is your roof. If it’s leaking, you could be in real trouble because of the water damage that will occur. Places like Marlborough and West Hartford also have a lot of older homes, and the chance of having a leaky roof on an older home is much higher than it would be for a new one. One of the things you’ll need to focus on if you’re going to make an insurance claim for your roof is what caused the leak. Most Connecticut insurers will cover the damage for certain types of leaks, but not for others.

A hurricane that caused harm to your roof, for example, wouldn’t be covered unless you have a hurricane policy – and most people in Connecticut don’t carry that kind of insurance. The rarity of those types of storms keeps that kind of insurance policy from being required there, but if there is a hurricane you would like find that the leak in your roof caused by it wouldn’t be covered. To avoid the risk of not being covered, talk to an independent agent like us about your insurance policy.

By working with us to get the proper coverage, you’ll know that leaking roofs and all kinds of other problems will be covered by your policy. That can provide you with a lot of peace of mind, and also help ensure that you don’t have financial troubles if your house is damaged in a storm or if the roof simply gets too old and starts to leak. Some insurance companies will require that you get your roof replaced if it looks too bad, so you won’t have a leak and the company won’t be obligated to pay a claim. Keeping your roof in good shape is important to keep your insurance rates low.