Adding teen driver to a Connecticut car insurance policy

It’s no secret that your Connecticut car insurance policy will go up when you add a teen driver. Fortunately, there’s ways to keep the rise in your auto coverage as small as possible. The best thing to do first is to come in and talk to us. As an independent agent we can provide you with information on a lot of different policies from several companies. That can help you to choose the best policy for you and your teen driver. You’ll want to pay attention to the price, of course, but you’ll also want to know that the coverage is good in the event of an accident.

Whether you live in Marlborough or West Hartford, you want to be sure your teen is safe without having to break the bank to insure him or her. You can help your financial situation by making sure that your young driver takes driver’s education or another safety course so you can get a discount. Some insurance companies have special discounts that are offered if the driver completes their specific safety course, so that’s something to ask about. If your teen attends college and makes good grades, that’s also another discount through many insurance companies.

Overall, it’s always going to raise your premiums when you add a teen driver to your auto policy. Still, you want your teen to be independent, and some of that comes from learning to drive and do things on his or her own. Adding your son or daughter to your car insurance also shows that you’re serious about trusting your child, and you acknowledge that he or she is growing up. Those kinds of things can be hard to do for any parent, but they’re important rites of passage. With a good insurance policy, you’ll save money and also protect your teen.