Do I Need Recreational Insurance for My Golf Cart?

Today in West Hartford, CT, golf carts are used for more than golfing. Many use golf carts to get around large properties, drive around their neighborhood, and even take down the road to a nearby store. With so many using golf carts for so many different reasons, it brings up the question, “Do you need recreational insurance for your golf cart?” Continue reading to learn more, and then call ALLConnecticut Insurance for additional information. 

Is Insurance Required for Golf Carts? 

The need to have insurance coverage for a golf cart depends upon its purpose and where it is driven. For example, if the golf cart is road-ready, an insurance policy may be required before driving it on the road. 

Road-Ready Golf Carts

As previously mentioned, road-ready golf carts may need insurance coverage. This insurance coverage is required when you plan to drive your golf cart on the road. For example, it is necessary to use the cart to get around your neighborhood or on a route to go to a local store. 

Non-Road-Ready Golf Carts

Non-road-ready golf carts are those that are used on golf courses and to get around large properties. Having insurance for these vehicles is not required. However, you may still want to purchase a recreational insurance policy if you use the golf cart regularly. 

Homeowners Insurance

For non-road-ready golf carts, homeowners can purchase an additional golf cart endorsement on their homeowners policy. 

Types of Golf Cart Insurance Coverage

Whether you purchase recreational insurance or add your golf cart to your homeowners insurance, different coverage options are available. These options include: 

  • Property Damage Liability: Covers you if your golf cart causes damage to someone’s property.
  • Physical Injury Liability: Covers you should you injure someone else while driving your golf car. 
  • Comprehensive Coverage: Protects you if your golf cart is stolen or damaged by natural elements. 
  • Collision Coverage: Covers damage to your golf cart from a severe collision. 

West Hartford, CT residents can protect themselves against any possible risks involving their golf cart. Call ALLConnecticut Insurance today to discuss recreational insurance options available for your golf cart.