Connecticut ATV Recreational Laws

ATVs are popular recreational vehicles enjoyed in summer across rugged terrain and are popular as snowmobiles. Designed for recreation, the laws surrounding ATVs are tailored for private and public land use. Having an ATV on your own property will only subject you to simple legal rules and liability insurance. If you plan to enjoy your ATV offroad, on snow trails, or on public lands, you’ll need to follow these guidelines.

ATVs must be Registered in Connecticut.

State law in Connecticut requires that ATVs be registered for use on state roads and land. To be clear, this registration does not necessarily mean your ATV will be "street legal," as ATVs are not typically always to comply with minimum speeds for interstates and busy highways, in addition to other safety concerns. Instead, owners will need to legally register their vehicles and ensure they follow the additional environmental laws associated with the state. Recreational vehicles are subject to minimum insurance requirements similar to any other vehicle, but many owners also favor added policies to protect against theft or damage.

ATVs and Age

ATVs are legally allowed to be driven by minors under 18, as young as 12, in the state of Connecticut. If minors use your ATV, there are additional restrictions. Operators under the age of 18 are required to take a safety course and obtain a certificate of operation. Operators between 12 and 16 must also have the supervision of an adult over 18 while driving.

While ATVs can be an amazing form of recreation, the regulations can be complicated. Contact ALLConnecticut Insurance to find out more about ATV insurance laws and liability. Request a quote today!