Common Umbrella Insurance Myths Revealed

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Common Umbrella Insurance Myths Revealed

Umbrella insurance will give you peace of mind as you deal with a potentially serious liability dispute. The safety of your assets is potentially at risk. That is why umbrella insurance is an asset. The policy protects you if an unforeseen circumstance arises. While you are researching different policies, avoid these common umbrella insurance myths.

I Don’t Need It Because Of My Status

There is a drastic misconception that the policy only benefits people with a lot of assets. This is incorrect. Umbrella insurance is beneficial to everyone. No one is exempt from experiencing the consequences of an accident. Imagine having a few friends over to your residence in West Hartford, CT. Unfortunately one of your friends suffers an ankle sprain as a result of falling on your property. Without umbrella coverage, you may be held liable for the injury.

The Policy Only Covers Luxury Assets

Umbrella insurance does not cover any type of property. Umbrella insurance acts as a safety net if you may be held responsible for something. The policy has nothing to do with protecting your personal items if they are stolen.

Umbrella Insurance Is A Substitute Policy

Many people believe that umbrella insurance is a substitute policy for home or auto coverage. This is incorrect. Umbrella insurance does not take the place of a particular coverage. Instead, the policy acts as an additional layer of protection on top of a traditional home or auto policy.

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