4 Instances Having Recreational Insurance Benefits You

Are you aware of what recreational insurance is all about? This is a type of coverage that definitely can offer you many benefits. If you need help sorting out how it can help you, you’d do well to contact ALLConnecticut Insurance of the West Hartford, CT area.

It May Be Required in Your State

There are some instances in which you’d need to get recreational insurance in Connecticut. It depends on a few factors, including the type of recreational vehicle you have. This also is likely to be the case if you’re renting or financing your recreational vehicle. The minimum typically is liability insurance.

Coverage for Damages and Injuries

Even if you’re not actually required to have recreational insurance for your vehicle, it protects your financial assets. For instance, if you’re out on your four-wheeler with a friend and they are injured, you’d have to pay out-of-pocket for their medical costs since you’d be liable. Having insurance means that this would be covered, keeping you and your friend from becoming overly stressed about how to pay for their medical bills.

Car and Homeowner’s Insurance Doesn’t Always Cut It

Your vehicle may not be covered by auto or home insurance. You should talk to your insurance agent to determine if this is the case. Even if it is, not all scenarios will be covered. It’s in your best interest to have recreational insurance as this is specific to your needs being an owner of such a vehicle.

Storage Options May Be Available

You should look into if you’d be eligible to suspend certain coverage you won’t need when your vehicle is in storage. This will prevent you from having to cancel it altogether which is tricky since it can still become damaged or you may have a loss of parts or more. You’d also avoid having a coverage gap.

Reach out to ALLConnecticut Insurance with your questions and we’ll do our best to put you at ease. Serving the West Hartford, CT area, we’re proud to help the community with insurance needs.