Affordable Car Insurance Rate in East Hartford, CT

Car insurance. It’s necessary, but no one particularly enjoys hunting around for the right policy. So many options (too many?) and agencies promising you the "best deal" can be overwhelming. What does "best deal" even mean?

These tips will help you find affordable car insurance for your East Hartford, CT vehicle, while choosing just the right coverage to protect your vehicle and your family against the unknown.

Compare Quotes

You wouldn’t buy a car without shopping around first, so don’t buy insurance from the first agency who offers you a policy you can afford. Here on our website, you can instantly compare quotes from many of the top insurance companies. That kind of information once took an hour’s worth of web searches (or more time-costly phone calls!), but now you can get it in minutes, so take advantage of that resource.

Look at More than the Bottom Line

Low monthly premiums don’t necessarily equal the "best deal." Look at the specific coverages offered by each policy, including optional additional coverages like collision, uninsured motorist, or comprehensive coverage, and the amount of your deductibles. Often, higher-cost premiums go along with lower deductibles, and higher deductibles correlate with lower monthly costs.

Feel free to talk to one of our independent agents about the best deductible (and coverage) choices to make for the drivers in your family, and you’ll avoid paying more than necessary.

Understand your Policy

Before you sign on a policy, take the time to read the fine print. We know your time is precious, but this is one (admittedly monotonous) step worth taking, and it could prevent unpleasant surprises if an accident does occur. Make sure you know exactly what is and isn’t covered and familiarize yourself with any specific policy exclusions.