Won’t my homeowners insurance cover any business related claims since I run a business out of my home in West Hartford, CT?

It’s a commonly held belief by many home business owners that their homeowners insurance policy completely covers all of their business insurance needs. As your independent agent, we know that all types of insurance coverage varies by state, so it’s not wise to make assumptions about what’s covered.

Depending on the state, it’s possible that your West Hartford homeowners policy may offer limited coverage for certain items, but if it does, the maximum covered amount will have some type of cap for things like business equipment used in the home office, and a smaller amount for business equipment that’s used outside the office when you travel, or during outside business meetings.

As your insurance agent, we’re here to offer you help, suggestions, and guidance. For example, whether it’s your home, or commercial business insurance policy, you may want to consider deductible options for your required payment toward any type of covered loss before your insurance company will even start to pay a claim.

Based on the specific terms of your Connecticut insurance policy, higher deductibles can help save on your premium payments. The recommended amount in today’s economic environment is a minimum deductible of $500. and even higher if possible for added savings.

There’s no reason for you to attempt to figure out the variables on your own. It’s important that you call us to gain better insight. Since you’re located in the West Hartford area, there are other considerations like flood and windstorm deductible to consider. In fact from the latest data, Hartford is scheduled to receive the most Connecticut State aid the next fiscal year amounting to $257 million.