Why Should I Review My Homeowners’ Insurance Policy Every Year?

Whenever it comes time to renew your homeowner’s insurance policy, many property owners don’t give it a second thought. Whether they’re too busy to research new policies or just content with their coverage, it gets swept under the rug. However, reviewing your coverage with a local insurance company is always a good idea to ensure you get what you need. Here are a few reasons to do this with your West Hartford, CT insurance policy.

Life Events Change

Whether you just got married or starting a family, these factors come into play when ensuring your insurance is correct. Significant events in your life mean that you should also alter your insurance. For example, if you need to move your aging parents into your house, you should make sure that the coverage you have at your current home is sufficient. Another example may be getting a dog, affecting your insurance coverage.

Ensures You Understand Your Policy

Reviewing your policy can make all the difference because you may need more coverage than you thought you did. You may decide to add additional pieces, such as flood insurance. You may also choose that a specific policy is no longer necessary and adjust it. It’s something that lenders require if you have a mortgage, and you should make sure that you have the correct amount of coverage. If you don’t, you could pay more than you should when making a claim.

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