What Makes a Vehicle “Recreational”?

Spending time in the great outdoors often means getting from one place to another by using recreational vehicles. Aside from 4-wheel drive trucks and SUVs, the only other vehicles who can make it in the wilderness are "recreational" vehicles. What does recreational really mean and do you need a specific kind of insurance policy to make sure you are fully covered. In West Hartford, CT, residents can get the answers to these questions from the agents at ALLConnecticut Insurance.

Off-Road Only

In most cases, recreational vehicles are made to be used off-road only. Many states will not allow recreational vehicles like 4-wheel ATVs, quads, and other all-terrain vehicles on roads and highways. Part of the reason is that they are designed for off-road travel and are not fast enough to keep up with other traffic.

More Fun, More Risk

Recreational vehicles are designed to perform well when traveling over extremely rough terrain. This means a different type of insurance policy will be needed. Unlike a traditional auto insurance policy, a recreational policy will cover vehicles that travel off-road, in higher-risk areas.

Increased Liability

With the increased risk of traveling off-road, you will also experience a higher liability, especially in terms of personal injury. While most people who drive recreational vehicles take every precaution to be safe, accidents can still happen.

The agents of ALLConnecticut Insurance are always available to make sure the residents who live in or near West Hartford, CT have the answers they need before they take to the trails. Schedule an appointment so you can speak to an agent and have the necessary recreational insurance in place before you go out and have fun in the woods.