What are the consequences of having no proof of insurance in Connecticut?

Driving without auto insurance is always a risk, and if you do it in a state that requires insurance, like Connecticut, you run the risk of very serious consequences. In Connecticut towns like Marlborough or West Hartford, there are two insurance laws that can get you into trouble–the first is the requirement that you have liability insurance if you drive a motor vehicle and the second is that you be able to show proof of financial responsibility, often achieved through insurance.

The Connecticut Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) works with insurers to match insurance records to registration records and take action against the owners of uninsured vehicles. Insurance companies will also notify the DMV whenever a policy is dropped or canceled, which then prompts the DMV to issue a warning notice that includes a $200 fine which must be paid if you want to avoid the possibility of having your registration suspended.

You are required by the state of Connecticut to carry an insurance card or declarations page in your car or on your person at all times when you are driving. Since there are basically two laws that govern Connecticut insurance, you’re looking at a combination of fines if you are caught without proof of insurance and without proof of financial responsibility. The combination of fines and penalties basically amounts to a minimum of a $110 and the impounding of your car. You will also end up paying towing and storage fees. Subsequent offenses can lead to penalties that are much more severe.

The best way to avoid these consequences is, of course, to have auto insurance. In the vicinity of West Hartford or Marlborough, we are your independent agent who can compare quotes and policies to get you the best possible auto insurance at the best possible rate.