What Are the Benefits of Having Workers Compensation Insurance in West Hartford, Connecticut?

Your business depends on skilled workers, and your employees depend on you to protect their safety in the workplace. Some companies may think that workers’ compensation is just another annoying expense to deal with. However, it’s actually a requirement that you cannot ignore, much as you are required to have insurance for your auto.

When you establish a commercial enterprise in West Hartford, Connecticut, setting up insurance coverage for your workers is simply one of the many costs of doing business. One obvious benefit is that you will be operating in compliance with the law.

Failing to maintain proper workers’ compensation insurance could expose you to punitive legal action as well as expose you to lawsuits from injured employees or their dependents, and failing to make sure you are covered in this area could prove devastating to your business.

A major benefit of workers’ compensation is its provision to give employees regular payments in lieu of their wages if they become injured at the work site. This keeps your employees and their families financially stable as they recover. Another benefit is payment for past or future economic losses.

Coverage will also entitle your employees to receive reimbursements or direct payments to cover their medical expenses, including operations, doctor office visits, physical therapy sessions and related costs.

In the unfortunate situation where an employee is killed while under your employ, the workers’ compensation will provide benefits to his dependents. Making sure their family is protected even if they are injured or killed on the job is a strong benefit that can give your employees peace of mind.

Please feel free to contact your independent agent if you have any questions or need help with obtaining proper workers’ compensation for your business. He or she will have the expertise and knowledge to guide you through the details of setting up coverage.