Insurance Quotes from ALLConnectict Insurance Agency

When shopping around for the lowest insurance quotes, it is important to make sure you are comparing apples with apples. Many factors go into determining your premiums. A variance in any of these would lead to slightly different policies, and you would no longer be comparing prices for the exact same insurance product. Here are two of the key factors to keep constant when you are shopping around for a new insurance policy.

The Type and Amount of Coverage

Each insurance policy has specific types and levels of coverage. These must be kept constant when comparing policies, because they determine what benefits the policy provides. All insurance companies let you select your coverage types and limits from a list, but not all insurance companies use the same default settings when initially presenting policies. Be sure that the type and amount of coverage selected is identical between two policies, before you compare their premiums.

Your Address

For most people, the address that should be listed on an insurance policy is simply their permanent address. In some cases, though, the choice is not that clear. If you are moving, split your time evenly between two locations or have a vehicle stored at a place other than your primary residence, then it may be unclear which address should be listed on the policy.

As your local West Hartford, CT insurance agent, we can help you determine which address is the correct one to list. Depending on your situation, it may be your West Hartford address, or it may be another one. Once we determine which one is the right one to use, that address should be used for every policy you consider. Insurance companies consider the location when determining rates, so changing an address could change your premium.

We are Here to Help

Comparing insurance quotes is not easy, because these factors affect policy premiums. We at AllConnecticut Insurance Agency will gladly do the grunt work for you and obtain quotes from all the insurance companies serving West Hartford. We will then present the policies to you, so you can select the best one for you.